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Episode Forty Five – Taller de Reciclaje

Hi all.

I apologize in advance for not having had time to write out, redraft, then upload this post – but goodness knows if I had, it’d be another week or so coming. So here it is, because mostly I just want to share some pictures and links with you all. Continue reading



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Episode Forty Four – The Juggler Who Couldn’t Catch

It’s true – during my last couple of years of high school, this was what they called me.

My group of friends was something of an offshoot from the main clamour of students. Most of us were not part of the ‘elite’ classes you always find in secondary education; nor, I like to believe, were we looked upon as nerds or outcasts (for the most part). For the lack of a more universally-accurate description of us, we were generally known simply as ‘The Jugglers’. I think I started going to Duncan’s Juggling Club in my fourth year, and I learned a few new skills, made a few new friends, and achieved my original goal of operating in the same circles as the boy I liked, back in the day.

Give me three hacky sacks, apples, clubs even; and I’d be able to knock your socks off with 3-ball cascades, inverse tosses, showers or even the occasional flash. But throw a projectile my way with as much warning as you please, and I would miss it every time. It’s not difficult to see why they called me the juggler who couldn’t catch. Continue reading

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Episode Twenty Seven – How to volunteer in Costa Rica

“It’s Thursday, June thirtieth, twenty eleven” says the presenter of my favourite high-tech, low-brow podcast, in his normal tone. It’s almost as though today might as well be any other day. Isn’t it strange how different everyone’s perspectives are? He was probably thinking “It’s Thursday – almost the weekend”, or “We’re coming up to the 4th of July”. I’m sitting here in my big, empty white room (well, it would be empty if there weren’t three clothes driers airing out practically every garment I own); and to me, today is not ‘nearly the fourth of July’: it is my last day in Scotland. By the weekend I’ll have begun episode twenty eight of my life, and I’ll have begun it in Costa Rica. Continue reading

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