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Sledding a Volcano

Did you guys know that I’ve also been blogging for the Raxa Collective? Well, if I had a penny for the number of times I’ve written, redrafted and posted something over there and then thought ‘It’s not worth going through all that on my own blog just to come up with the same thing’… (insert unnecessary end of metaphor nobody needs to hear). And I really feel like all my posts should be available in the same place, so I’m going to be reblogging some of the posts I’ve written for the Raxa Collective so you can all see everything I’ve written, all in one place! Omg how great is that!

Here’s my first post for them, about my trip to Nicaragua with Ixqui back in November. Enjoy! (And if you’ve already read it, sorry for the repeat!)

Love and kisses,
M. xox

La Paz Group

One volcano-related assumption which I’ve had to let go of since arriving in Central America is that a volcano is a volcano.

Anyone who grows up in Scotland knows that mountains are not just ‘mountains’. There are mountains, but there are also ranges, hills, Bens, and Munroes. There are the kind that, although tall, the fitter of us can walk up without much in the way of equipment; there are others which may be smaller but are impassable unless you really know what you’re doing.

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Episode Forty Seven – My Plans For This Weekend

I now have only four weekends left here in Costa Rica. Can you believe it? That wasn’t so long, was it?

I’m measuring in weekends because they’re pretty much my only chance to take advantage of being in Costa Rica. Don’t get me wrong – San Ramón is a lovely town, my coworkers are wonderful, and I enjoy my job and feel like it matters. However, while my daily life is nice here, it’s still daily life, and my weekends are when I can properly get out into the green of Costa Rica and feel like I’m really here.

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Episode Thirty Nine – The Last Month Of My Life (Part 3)

Hola amigos y amigas.

As promised, Episode Thirty Nine will be packed full of goodies, anecdotes, Did-You-Knows and photographs. Are you ready? Then let’s go. We’ll start with a little orientation in La Fortuna.

Grant insisted on wearing black t-shirts and then complaining about the heat.

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Episode Thirty Eight – The Last Month of My Life (Part 2)

Hello again.

I know I only posted very recently, but truth be told, I don’t really like the way my super-long and pictureless rant looks at the top of my homepage. I’m not ashamed of it, and I stick by everything I said; however, it’s not really what you all want to be reading about, and it’s not really what I want you to be reading about, either. What I do want you to be reading about is the fantastic time that Grant and I had in La Fortuna! After Episode Thirty Seven, if you read it, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that we only spent three nights in La Fortuna and this will consequently be a short-ish blog post. And after all the times I’ve said that before, if you read them, you’ll probably be a little skeptical about the truth behind that statement. Read on and see! Continue reading


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Episode Thirty – No Way, San José

If you’ll allow me to backtrack a little, I’ll share with you one of very few photographs I’ve taken from aeroplanes. I took this six months ago (okay, backtrack a lot), when my Christmas return flight ascended over New York City at night.

Do you see why I don't take a lot of aeroplane pictures?

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