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Episode Sixty Six – First Days Stateside

It’s been a while since I’ve been in America, and even longer since I’ve been to Grant’s family home. Because of my world travels, he’s been visiting me in my various homes around the globe for the past year or so; first in Costa Rica last summer, then in Scotland at Christmas, and finally again in France in the spring. I spent about a week with him in Akron last October but never made it to his home town in that short time, so all told it’s been about fifteen months since I’ve been here.

This is what I’m looking at right now.

And things have changed since then! The family room has received a beautiful makeover and the gazebo’s been updated too; the first thing I noticed, though, was that Grant’s younger brother has moved into the other room in the basement where his sister used to live. Her absence was sorely missed that first evening when I went to take my shower and found that, in place of her usual array of products carrying such names as ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘Moonlight Whisper,’ I was offered only a single choice of shower gel: ‘Power Stick‘. Continue reading



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Episode Fifty Nine – Ancient Rome

Hi everybody! I know… This story really is ancient history now. It was my mum’s visit and then the end of term and then exam season and between all that my blogging mojo never emerged at the surface, so the thought of putting together a post worth reading was not exactly a realistic goal. And I’d much rather leave you all hanging than waste your time on a post not worth reading. But here I am, ready to keep ploughing through my Italy narration and onwards to Grant’s visit too… eventually.

This is what I have in store for you today: a gorgeous day in Pope-ville!

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Episode Thirty Eight – The Last Month of My Life (Part 2)

Hello again.

I know I only posted very recently, but truth be told, I don’t really like the way my super-long and pictureless rant looks at the top of my homepage. I’m not ashamed of it, and I stick by everything I said; however, it’s not really what you all want to be reading about, and it’s not really what I want you to be reading about, either. What I do want you to be reading about is the fantastic time that Grant and I had in La Fortuna! After Episode Thirty Seven, if you read it, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that we only spent three nights in La Fortuna and this will consequently be a short-ish blog post. And after all the times I’ve said that before, if you read them, you’ll probably be a little skeptical about the truth behind that statement. Read on and see! Continue reading


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