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Episode Thirty Five – Something New: Something Old.

Today I’m going to do something new with this blog: I’m going to post something old. Old pictures, to be precise. Not all of them are very old, but they all seem very much as though they’re from my past now. So this post will mostly be pictures and not many words: something new indeed! I was just looking back at all the pictures in my iPhoto library today, and feeling proud of my life up until now. Here are some photographs that made me stop and think ‘Well done us’.

Click the image to see the many other brilliant pictures from that night.

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Episode Twenty Five – Goodbye, America

The other part of my spring trip I want to tell you about is our egg-dyeing session. Of course. As I’ve mentioned, Grant has an account of our D.C. trip in the pipeline, and while I’d love to tell you the whole story from my perspective too, I don’t really think anyone cares so much about those three days to require two separate accounts. Plus, I might have a shot at finally getting this blog up to date if I let him take this one. Continue reading


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Episode Twenty Three – Of Cats and Cavs

I just can’t keep to my word, can I? I tell you I’ll post soon and I don’t post for months; I tell you I probably won’t post for ages and I post again two days later. What can I say? I like to keep you on your toes. Anyhow, this post will be somewhat shorter than usual for a couple of reasons. The first is that while I was in Ohio for the spring, both Grant and I were working hard – he was still in classes and I had a linguistics paper to turn in when I returned to Edinburgh. The second is that Grant assures me he is working on a blog post for his own WordPress, although I don’t know how far along that is, and he’s working this summer as a legal intern at his dad’s office so he’s got quite a bit on his plate. The third is, quite simply, that I did not write down what I was up to while I was up to it, and I’ve been back for over a month and a half now so many of the details escape me. At any rate, I’m sure this news is not lamentable to you, so instead of making the post back up to regular Megan-length in my explanation of why it won’t be regular Megan-length, I’ll just get on with it, shall I? Continue reading

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Episode Twenty Two – I Just Couldn’t Get Enough

So when I left you last time I had just decided where to for my first semester abroad – Costa Rica. Since I got back I’ve been working like a busy little bee to make that a reality, and it’s coming along quite well! However, there are many more stories to tell about my winter trip, including a near-death experience and probably the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life so far. No, they were not the same incident. Continue reading

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Episode Twenty One – The Beginning

So tomorrow is my last exam, and it’s in Portuguese, and I’m ridiculously blasé about it.

As though I need an excuse to post on my blog.

I did need an excuse to get out of the flat, though. My days have been long and unstructured lately, and mostly spent within the white walls of my room; so I went out to buy a new notebook. Because I want to blog but I have also noticed that I have an unhealthy attachment to my computer: so I thought I’d start writing my blog posts by hand before uploading them. And for that, I needed a stylish notebook from Paper Tiger. So I went out and checked out the wee one on Lothian Road, but my friend Clare from Spanish, who works at Studio One, told me that the Paper Tiger on Stafford Street is even more magical, so I went  there. I popped into Studio One while I was there and oh dear lord how fabulous it was. Continue reading

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Episode Twenty – Eleven

It had been several years since I had been unable to sleep from excitement on Christmas Eve. Those of you who know me well are aware of my affinity for sleeping and how anything less than nine hours of sleep in a night will leave me bleary and limp the next day. Well – on Christmas Eve of 2010 I had a whole new situation to contend with. When I woke up the next morning, I would be spending the holiday with a whole new family – a family who had invited me into their home to celebrate on the most family-focused day of the year. Well – I can’t speak for Thanksgiving, but in Scotland at least, Christmas is the humdinger. Continue reading

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Episode Nineteen – Backtrack

Hi guys,

Ok, so I didn’t realise the situation was quite this bad. For some reason I was convinced I’d recounted slightly more of my Christmas tales, but on re-reading Episode Seventeen I see that this is pure fantasy. I apologise. And now I will attempt to rectify the situation by way of a quick recap.

So on Saturday the 18th of December, I arrived in Ohio early evening, and we stopped for Bob Evans on the way back to Akron, as is our tradition. We stuck around in Akron until Tuesday, just messing around in the flat and its immediate surroundings. On Sunday we decorated the Christmas tree which Grant had set up in preparation for my arrival (this is the Christmas tree which is still standing in that corner today, the 2nd of April), and picked up some groceries we’d be needing for meals and for the butterbeer we’d decided to make in the true spirit of a Hogsmeade Christmas. Continue reading

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