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Saturday Spotlight Ten – Apps That Made Me A Better Person

Hello readers! Have you all had excellent weeks?

I had a very busy day today: my Tarot group met at midday and I had to teach the complicated rules, in French, to two new joueurs; then I cooked soupe à l’ognon and ganache for some friends, after which Nicole and I were so sick of French food that we had to book a week-long trip to Italy to escape it all. Yes, it’s February, but I have a week off classes and I intend to make good use of it!

Now, here’s something about me you might not know because I haven’t had cause to mention it: I love apps. It amazes me how they can be so cheap yet sophisticated, simple to use yet intricately designed. There are probably millions of apps out there and I’m sure half of them are useless, but these ones in particular deserve a spotlight because they go beyond ‘useful to have around’: these apps have truly enabled me in many ways to be the sort of person I want to be. Does it reflect badly on me that I need an app in order to grow and evolve as a human being? Possibly. But the apps really are great.

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Episode Thirty Seven – Why My Next Computer Will Not Be A Mac

Now, it’s not often that you’ll find one of my posts tagged with the keyword ‘technology’ but this is really less of a technological issue and more of a psychological, emotional, financial and general well-being related post. It takes the form of a letter.

[EDIT: Steve Jobs resigned as head of Apple Inc. on the same day as I published this, and especially since his early passing away I feel a little bad about the timing of this post. Please just remember while you read that at time of going to wordpress, he was still alive and kicking as CEO.] Continue reading


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Episode Eleven – Break for Contemplation

I thought I’d take a break from my life commentary and put something slightly more subjective on here. As you know, I’m currently sitting at my mum’s house in the Borders – I couldn’t work the thermostat so have retreated to within the depths of my duvet for the time being. I also happen to be listening to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. I just remembered a day when Grant and I were walking to my flat, a couple of days before he was due to leave. I believe I was crying. A bunch of drunk (or maybe just obnoxious) students were singing “Three Little Birds” loudly from a window, and the guy walking in front of me in the street started singing along as he wandered away ahead of us. Of course, in a situation like this there was nothing I could do but begin to softly join in, and as you’d expect from the old Marley, I began to feel quite a bit better. : ]

Anyway, that’s a side-note. The intended subject of this blog is technology.

Basically, my feelings on the subject are currently: wtf. Continue reading

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