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Episode Seventy – Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

My birthday falls on the 5th of November. Here in the United Kingdom, that’s a special occasion known as Guy Fawkes’ Night (or sometimes just Bonfire Night). If you’ve ever seen V for Vendetta, you’ll know more or less what I’m on about: basically in 1605 this Guy Fawkes character led an assault on the then-English Parliament, with the intention of blowing up the House of Lords and assassinating the King. The attempt failed, Fawkes and his fellow conspirators were hanged, drawn and quartered, and to this day we still celebrate that the treason never took place. Yes, even here in Scotland where we don’t feel particularly warmly or fuzzily about the Crown or the House of Lords or the London Parliament or any of that stuff. But hey, a party’s a party, and where I’m from, the 5th of November is definitely a party.

4th of July firework show introduction

A beautiful introduction to the show: a great deal of fire performers and some slow-motion fireworks.

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Episode Sixty Nine – Why I Can’t Stop Blogging

This might seem like an ironic post title given what happened in the month of July (i.e. nothing – no new posts or updates, sorry again about that). However, I find that however long I go without posting on WordPress, I always get that itch to come back and continue sharing with all of you: and, more to the point, as soon as I do, I often can’t stem the flow of words and ideas that I suddenly just have to spout forth.

Knee-high by the 4th of July…

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Episode Sixty Eight – S’more from Megan, Finally!

Hello again, faithful and long-suffering readers.

Goodness gracious, I’ve been busy since leaving Strasbourg behind! As I mentioned, I’ve been training for this new job at Sandemans New Europe tours. They offer free tours (as well as paid ones) in lots of cities all over the continent, and when I got in touch and said I wanted to be a tips-only tour guide, they responded by offering me a stable job with a good hourly wage instead :) Continue reading

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Episode Sixty Six – First Days Stateside

It’s been a while since I’ve been in America, and even longer since I’ve been to Grant’s family home. Because of my world travels, he’s been visiting me in my various homes around the globe for the past year or so; first in Costa Rica last summer, then in Scotland at Christmas, and finally again in France in the spring. I spent about a week with him in Akron last October but never made it to his home town in that short time, so all told it’s been about fifteen months since I’ve been here.

This is what I’m looking at right now.

And things have changed since then! The family room has received a beautiful makeover and the gazebo’s been updated too; the first thing I noticed, though, was that Grant’s younger brother has moved into the other room in the basement where his sister used to live. Her absence was sorely missed that first evening when I went to take my shower and found that, in place of her usual array of products carrying such names as ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘Moonlight Whisper,’ I was offered only a single choice of shower gel: ‘Power Stick‘. Continue reading


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Saturday Spotlight Twenty One – Summer Styles

Well, here I am back in Bonnie Scotland! I’ve been staying with my broadbandically-challenged grandmother, so posting wasn’t really on the cards until I came home to my mum’s for the weekend. So far I’ve been taking full advantage of my good friend BT by catching up on all my blogs, and browser window shopping to my heart’s content.

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Saturday Spotlight Nineteen – Tabouleh

Happy Saturday, one and all!

A while back I decided to share a recipe for French onion soup since it’s so often been my dinner here. Today I think I’ll do the same with a lunch dish I make over and over because it’s so simple to make and makes me feel healthy ^_^. My handy handbook says you need to eat starchy foods (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.) at every meal, and we all know that raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones, not to mention easier to prepare! So this recipe fulfils a couple of your dietary needs, whilst also being a) delicious, b) very filling and c) portable enough for picnics and packed lunches. The fruits will give you a nice quick shot of energy, and the starch in the couscous will keep you going until dinner :)

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Episode Sixty Four – A Wee Update

Hi everyone! It’s hump day!

Well, not for me because Wednesday is the only day I work, but it’s still a fun thing to announce at the start of a blog post.

I’m taking a break from my stories to bring you all up to date with various new things going on in my current life. Exams may be over, but I’m still busy – kinda – doing some things I’d like to briefly share with you. Continue reading


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