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Saturday Spotlight Twenty – Things I’ll Miss

Well, well, well. Look what we have here: the last day of my year abroad. Weird, huh? Especially for those of you who have been following my journey since before I left home for Costa Rica last July. I’m feeling a little sad to be leaving the semester (and the year) behind – but also eager to get started on the next stage of my life: my final year of university and a great job! (At least, I’m confident that it’ll be great, though I haven’t started yet).

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Episode Sixty Five – Faisons un pique-nique!

As my last few days in France float by, it’s fun to look back on some of the most fun days I’ve had here, with Grant by my side, holding my hand and taking all the pictures alternately :P The spring weather has been all over the place, but I’m pretty sure the longest stretch of non-stop beautiful sun was the week when Grant was here :)

The swans come out to bathe in the sun, all perfect and white.

Good weather is always – well, good. But it’s especially advantageous when you’re travelling on a budget, which as a long-distance couple we always are. Why is good weather our best friend? Because it means picnics instead of expensive lunches in cafés; it means wandering through the streets and admiring the buildings instead of museum entry fees; it means getting around on foot instead of buying tram tickets.

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Episode Sixty Four – Wandering around Strasbourg

Hey, remember when Grant visited me in France while I was studying abroad? Probably not, because I never got around to telling you about that part yet. Our fun trip to Luxembourg was regrettably short, but all the same we weren’t all that bummed out to be returning to Strasbourg to continue to hang around in the sun and eat macarons. Continue reading


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Sunday Spotlight Twelve – New Geographical Friends

The worst part is the silence.

Grant bustled in nine days ago for a roar of trams, trains and travel. Since last Friday it’s been all go around here, whether we’re just messing around over breakfast, picnicking somewhere in the Strasbourg sun, or meeting up with Amanda (who is at once my study-abroad buddy and Grant’s sister) for drinks on St. Paddy’s Day.

No time for just lying around, we have places to be!

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Saturday Spotlight Six – Sprucing Up Strasbourg!

Hello, hello, hello.

I’m in a very good mood because today I am off to Germany! That’s right, this place is so near the border that I can actually go to one small town on the other side using my public transport pass for Strasbourg! So, we’re going to pop over to Germany for some cake and coffee, maybe wander around a little, and then come back all in time for dinner. And I have a Skype date tonight with my favourite man, so I’m feeling pretty upbeat.

CRAFTzine does it again! This would be perfect to spruce up my new Strasbourg place.

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Episode Fifty Three – Épisode Cinquante Trois

That’s right, beeches, I’m in France! And not just anywhere in France, either – ohhh no. I’m in Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, where French meets German, where Council of Europe meets European Parliament, and where I could wander through the streets all day and just take pictures.

As of yet, that has not happened. But it will. I have plenty of time to drink it all in.

I haven't done much photographing, but I had to snap the cathedral!

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