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Episode Eighty One – Plate Piled High

So, Masters degrees are stressful. There’s a lot to learn and only one year to learn it – and when the subject at hand is a skill like conference interpreting, a year seems like an impossibly short amount of time to pick it up. But I’ve been progressing well enough, and at the mock conferences we’ve been running these past few weeks I’ve really surprised myself with how much better I do when a) I’m interpreting a live speaker as opposed to a recording, and b) there’s an audience sitting there and actually relying on me to understand what is being said. The good news: That’s exactly what interpreting is like in a professional setting. The bad news: It’s not what it’s like in the final exam. All in all though, I’m feeling pretty confident.


Sometimes I take pictures of the lecture slides.

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Episode Twenty Nine – Contemplative Airlines

Once again, I’ve let my life get way ahead of my blogging. Here’s why I’m beginning to make my peace with this pattern:

1. If I spent all my life blogging too faithfully, there would be nothing for me to blog about.

2. I haven’t lost track of what I’ve been up to, and now that I have the time to catch up, I can.

3. My new system – I write journal-style in one notebook, blog-style in another notebook, then upload – makes for better blog posts, even if it takes longer. Quality over quantity, people! Continue reading


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