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PinAddicts Challenge, March 2012

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Did you miss me?! I missed you. All of you. A lot.

So I went to Italy for a week and it was totally crazy. We were so busy all the time, seeing things and doing things and eating things and photographing things… Then yesterday morning we arrived on our international bus at 4:30 am and the trams hadn’t started yet because it was a Sunday and it was kind of awful. Plus, from all that close proximity with other people, I have developed a nasty cold. It really is very unfortunate.

BUT! Glad tidings, my friends! I am proud (and relieved) to announce that today I completed the most appropriate project possible for this sad news I just recounted to you. It’s the first Monday of the month again, which means #PinAddicts  is go! So I made a big push to finish this Grecian Rib scarf I’ve been working on forever. I will now be warm and toasty even in this cold, miserable Strasbourg weather. :) (It’s actually a fair bit warmer than it was before I left, but Italy was scorching so I’ve been spoiled).

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PinAddicts Challenge, February 2012

Hi everyone. Good weekend?


A few weeks back I came across this blog post about the PinAddicts challenge, and I thought “Fantastic! I’m not the only one out there who bookmarks dozens of cool craft projects and never realizes any of them!” So I signed up on the spot.

The basic idea is super simple, although I’m not all that clear on the ins and outs of the blogging part of it. You just pick one thing that you’ve pinned, every month, and make it. Then I think you blog about it and link to the original post. Which is what I’m doing now! I’d already made my geometric shape garland when I moved in, but it was about time to cross something else off the list. Continue reading


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Saturday Spotlight Two – 5 Festive Wreaths

So, remember last week when I strongly suggested you get yourself over to Pinterest and set up an account?

Well, that was good counsel. However, there is some dosage advice to go along with it. And here it comes, along with my list of five festive wreaths for all tastes.

I said last week that I have all these different ways of bookmarking things to come back to later – Liking, Thumbs-Upping, Plus-1-ing, Pinning, Starring, and all manner of other things. It’s great – I can file these things neatly away with titles and tags and get them back out again when I have the time/money/patience/know-how (delete as appropriate). Isn’t that fantastic?

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