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Episode Seventy Three – Basler Papiermühle

Hello again.


Well, posting those pictures a couple of days ago reminded me of how much I’ve missed being here. So even though it’s late and I don’t have a lot to say today, I do have some photos that I took several months ago in Basel when I visited the paper museum there. As you know, I have a bit of a thing for paper and books and things, so the day before I left Strasbourg to come home to Edinburgh, I hopped on a train and went to Switzerland for one more look at the beautiful town of Basel and this fascinating museum.

Other museum-goers’ creations, hanging up to dry

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Episode Seventy Two – Autumn in Edinburgh

Hi everyone.

It’s been forever. How have you been?! I’ve been cuh-razy busy, as you can tell from the lack of posts. I’m going to give up apologising for my flakey behaviour, because it looks like I’ll never change. But what with working 12 hours a week on top of my final-year studies (seriously, something major happened to the workload while I was gone), stuff started to get on top of me a little. I dropped the 12 hours at Sandemans just in time, it seems, as deadlines have been rolling in like a line of Russian tankers, ready to flatten me into the ground. If Russian tankers had French accents and shot shells of 20th-century Surrealist French literature, that is. Continue reading


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Episode Seventy One – Speaking of Fireworks…

The fireworks celebrating the end of the Edinburgh International Festival

Even halfway down the Mile our vantage point was pretty good.

It’s funny that I should publish that post about fireworks only a couple of days ago, because today is the day of the end-of-festival firework show in Edinburgh! I didn’t really know much about it until a week or so ago – one of the guides mentioned it at work, and then I saw a poster in the window of the Lyceum theatre. Apparently the orchestra was performing in the gardens and the fireworks were supposed to be synchronised to the symphony… or something. Continue reading

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Episode Sixty Nine – Why I Can’t Stop Blogging

This might seem like an ironic post title given what happened in the month of July (i.e. nothing – no new posts or updates, sorry again about that). However, I find that however long I go without posting on WordPress, I always get that itch to come back and continue sharing with all of you: and, more to the point, as soon as I do, I often can’t stem the flow of words and ideas that I suddenly just have to spout forth.

Knee-high by the 4th of July…

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Episode Sixty Four – Wandering around Strasbourg

Hey, remember when Grant visited me in France while I was studying abroad? Probably not, because I never got around to telling you about that part yet. Our fun trip to Luxembourg was regrettably short, but all the same we weren’t all that bummed out to be returning to Strasbourg to continue to hang around in the sun and eat macarons. Continue reading


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Episode Sixty Three – European Sundays

Hello lovelies! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and are refreshed and ready to face the week…

As for me, the two are barely distinguished from each other, except for the fact that the weekend contains Shutday, by which I mean Sunday, and I have to plan my days accordingly. Over here, it’s every man for himself on the Lord’s day – you have to make your own entertainment. Generally, though, my days consist of job searching, watching tv, sewing and reading magazines. And blogging, as you can tell! Today I have some more photos of Luxembourg for you :) Our first day there was fun and ridiculous (did you see the photos?), but we didn’t formally visit any of the historically significant sights the country has to offer, so on Sunday we did just that. The weather was still gloomy and a little damp, but not enough to send us running for cover like we had the previous afternoon. Continue reading


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Episode Sixty Two – I Don’t Speak Luxembourgish

Did you know Luxembourgish is a real language? I guess it says a lot about my blundering approach to travel that I didn’t even research what language they speak in our weekend destination; but aside from the fact that the official language is not French as I had assumed, doesn’t it seem like it should be called Luxembourgese or Luxemburger or something instead?

Whatever they choose to call their language, we got along fine without it: gesturing to your camera and pointing at yourselves tends to get the message across.

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