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Episode Forty Eight – Saturday in Nicaragua

Note: I wrote some, not all, of this while I was actually in Nicaragua, which is why there may be some discrepancies. Just roll with it – it’ll be okay.

~   *   ~

I’m sick of hearing myself say how fast the time goes.

So instead of mentioning it outright, I hid it away in a secondary clause where it was less offensive. You’re welcome.

So it’s the 19th of November, and my fourth-last weekend in Central America is off to a fantastic start with gorgeous weather and an even more gorgeous hostel. It’s called Bigfoot, it’s like Galileo only better, and right now Purple Rain is wafting through from the Pure Earth vegetarian café to the poolside seating – where I’m currently melting into a little pool of my own.

The Pure Earth Café is a 100% non-profit vegetarian café run by Bigfoot hostel.

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Episode Forty Six – The Last (More Than) Month Of My Life (Part 5)

So I left off last time with a picture of a monkey, our arrival in Tamarindo and the subtle suggestion that there may be trouble ahead. I do spin a good yarn, don’t I? Well, dear readers, all will now be revealed. First of all, two conclusions we quickly drew about the Pacific town of Tamarindo.

Conclusion #1: surfing is all anyone cares about in this town. By extension, there are surf-brand clothes shops and beach restaurants and juice bars where you’ll often see white-nosed, shirtless patrons enjoying an ice-cold beverage between waves; but more or less, everyone is just surfing, all the time. Continue reading


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