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Saturday Spotlight Fourteen – Université de Strasbourg

I’m sitting here in my room and I can just glimpse a sanguine sun dipping behind the still-winter trees, and I’m contemplating what to write this week’s Saturday Spotlight on. It’s Friday evening, but tomorrow I have a wine-tasting tour of Alsace so I’ll be scheduling this post to appear at some point on real Saturday. But, do you know, I still haven’t written in my blog about what courses I’m taking this semester?! C’est fou! It might not make for the most image-heavy or enlightening spotlight, but I’m looking forward to writing at least something about what exactly it is that I should be studying each time I sit down and write a blog post instead :P

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Episode Fifty – The Last Months Of My Life (Part 6)

Do you see how easy it was to suddenly bring my ‘Last Month Of My Life’ posts back into the realms of accurate titling? While I was happily parenthesising away and turning even my headlines into the grammatical equivalent of Ulysses – where else have you ever seen a title which contains a dash and TWO sets of brackets? – it turns out I could have just chucked an ‘s’ on at the end of ‘month’ and called it a day. Hindsight’s a bitch, as they say.

Shall I continue chatting about the syntax tree of today’s title, or would you rather I just got on wi- ok, ok! No need to shout, I’m getting to it!

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Episode Twenty Five – Goodbye, America

The other part of my spring trip I want to tell you about is our egg-dyeing session. Of course. As I’ve mentioned, Grant has an account of our D.C. trip in the pipeline, and while I’d love to tell you the whole story from my perspective too, I don’t really think anyone cares so much about those three days to require two separate accounts. Plus, I might have a shot at finally getting this blog up to date if I let him take this one. Continue reading


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