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Episode Seventy Seven – Even More on Writing

I’ve been quite quiet lately because I’ve been “busy”. For me, that means oscillating between periods of utter apathy, Words with Friends and alarming quantities of snacking; and moments where all the important things I must achieve put so much pressure on me that I work frantically on one whilst feeling guilty that I’m not doing the others. If you look over my shoulder and observe me typing up an email to a translator, politely asking how one enters into the specialty of translating cookbooks (my current life goal), you can be sure your nose is brushing the angel that sits there screaming in my ear, ‘you have two essays to write this month what use is it knowing how to get a job if you fail your degree because you were too busy jobhunting to study you imbecile‘. Yet, when I am studying, the angel decides this would be the perfect time to take the entrance exam for the internship I applied for last week, and criticises me for being too much on-paper and not enough on-the-ball.

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Sunday Spotlight Eighteen – New Blog Love

I had a few ideas for the opening sentence to this post and I just couldn’t choose, so instead of choosing, I’m going to list them all:

1. Has it become cliché to use a noun such as ‘blog’ and add ‘love’ after it to create a new noun phrase? Something tells me this relatively new phenomenon has already passed into the ‘mainstream’ phase.

2. I’m so glad both the days of the weekend begin with an S so I can post my spotlight a day late and not feel guilty.

3. Ironically enough, I actually spent Sunday hiding in the shade of my room, avoiding the sun at all costs – this is because my Fry-day, on the other hand, did live up to its name and I’m nursing the worst burn I’ve ever had. Who forgets to lotion their back during a SIX-HOUR beach trip?!

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