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Sunday Spotlight Eighteen – New Blog Love

I had a few ideas for the opening sentence to this post and I just couldn’t choose, so instead of choosing, I’m going to list them all:

1. Has it become cliché to use a noun such as ‘blog’ and add ‘love’ after it to create a new noun phrase? Something tells me this relatively new phenomenon has already passed into the ‘mainstream’ phase.

2. I’m so glad both the days of the weekend begin with an S so I can post my spotlight a day late and not feel guilty.

3. Ironically enough, I actually spent Sunday hiding in the shade of my room, avoiding the sun at all costs – this is because my Fry-day, on the other hand, did live up to its name and I’m nursing the worst burn I’ve ever had. Who forgets to lotion their back during a SIX-HOUR beach trip?!

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Saturday Spotlight Seventeen – 5k on 5/5!

Welcome, readers, and happy 5,000-page-views day!

Yes, today I passed the milestone of 5,000 page views on my blog. Hooray! That’s not all that impressive for a 2-year-old blog, but I’m proud of it, and since probably about 500 of those come from the entire first year, I’m staying positive :P Who knows, I may even start getting big-headed and feel qualified to post some blogging tips on here soon. Haha.

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Saturday Spotlight Eight – Brilliant Christmas Gifts

It’s Saturday again: I can hardly believe it! The week sure does fly by when you only have class two days out of seven… :P

I’ve been thinking of writing about this for a while, but wasn’t sure how. Then I realised, I could do a Saturday Spotlight about it! You see, at Christmas I got a bunch of amazing gifts I was really excited about, for various reasons. I got a really cool Scratch Map from Grant, some delicious shower gels and some cozy cozy slippers, and I am loving them all : ) But the ones I found myself saying ‘Thank goodness I have this!’ are, above all, the ones that I find really, really useful. And though of course all my family and friends know how much I appreciate their gifts, I wanted to gush a little more about how glad I am to have so many people around me who know just what I want and need : )

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Saturday Spotlight Three – Christmas Card Inspirations

Hi everyone!

I mentioned that I was considering taking a trip to the Río Celeste or even the Osa Peninsula weekend; but it looks like I’ve gouged out a good portion of my left cornea and will instead be nursing that back to health (somehow..?). I can’t wear my contacts like this anyway, so I’d miss out on all the natural beauty even if I did suck it up and go. Continue reading


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