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Episode Fifty Two – 25/12/11

Hello, dear readers!

So, this whole long-distance relationship thing: it’s a double-edged arrow that Cupid’s sent my way, that’s for sure. I often receive sympathies when I explain that my boyfriend lives in America: mostly in the form of ‘Ohh, it must be so hard to go without seeing him’. Well, that’s true, it is hard. But it’s also tough when we do see each other. You see, flight taxes dictate that I spend much more time over there with his family than he does in Scotland with mine; and when he does visit, we have three weeks to get everything done. Visiting friends, spending coupley time together, travelling, seeing family (especially tough when your parents are divorced and the two sides of the family live all over the place)… it’s a lot to accomplish in a short space of time. Long story short: I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging so much, but when Grant and I are reunited, that pretty much becomes top priority: I hope you all understand.

See how my head is listlessly attached to his shoulder here? Yep, inseparable.

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Saturday Spotlight One: 5 Cool Giftwrap Ideas

I’ll admit it: I get a little carried away now and then.

Like, I’ll spend an entire afternoon looking at craft blogs, bookmarking projects and pinning things to either Crafts & DIY, For The Home, Oh The Parties I’ll Throw or a new board I had to create especially: Wrapping & Cards.

Do you know what any of this means? If not, I strongly suggest you get yourself over to Pinterest.com and set up your account, stat.

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Episode Thirty Eight – The Last Month of My Life (Part 2)

Hello again.

I know I only posted very recently, but truth be told, I don’t really like the way my super-long and pictureless rant looks at the top of my homepage. I’m not ashamed of it, and I stick by everything I said; however, it’s not really what you all want to be reading about, and it’s not really what I want you to be reading about, either. What I do want you to be reading about is the fantastic time that Grant and I had in La Fortuna! After Episode Thirty Seven, if you read it, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that we only spent three nights in La Fortuna and this will consequently be a short-ish blog post. And after all the times I’ve said that before, if you read them, you’ll probably be a little skeptical about the truth behind that statement. Read on and see! Continue reading


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Episode Nineteen – Backtrack

Hi guys,

Ok, so I didn’t realise the situation was quite this bad. For some reason I was convinced I’d recounted slightly more of my Christmas tales, but on re-reading Episode Seventeen I see that this is pure fantasy. I apologise. And now I will attempt to rectify the situation by way of a quick recap.

So on Saturday the 18th of December, I arrived in Ohio early evening, and we stopped for Bob Evans on the way back to Akron, as is our tradition. We stuck around in Akron until Tuesday, just messing around in the flat and its immediate surroundings. On Sunday we decorated the Christmas tree which Grant had set up in preparation for my arrival (this is the Christmas tree which is still standing in that corner today, the 2nd of April), and picked up some groceries we’d be needing for meals and for the butterbeer we’d decided to make in the true spirit of a Hogsmeade Christmas. Continue reading

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