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Episode Fifty Eight – Farewell to Florence

I’m beginning to notice a pattern here: the further behind I get in writing my blog, the more random thoughts I come up with and just have to write about immediately. I have ideas for posts on a whole range of subjects, not least on languages which I’m becoming more and more enthusiastic about as time wears on; but for now I think I’ll hold them back.

I expect this was an old guard tower from the former city walls.

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Episode Fifty Seven – Playing Catch-Up


Why is blogging so hard? Honestly guys, I know a lot of you are faithful bloggers yourselves, and I just have to ask: don’t you feel sometimes like there’s just too much to write, too many ways to write it, and not enough people who would really be interested in reading all those words even if you ever did somehow manage to write them down? Continue reading


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Sunday Spotlight Twelve – New Geographical Friends

The worst part is the silence.

Grant bustled in nine days ago for a roar of trams, trains and travel. Since last Friday it’s been all go around here, whether we’re just messing around over breakfast, picnicking somewhere in the Strasbourg sun, or meeting up with Amanda (who is at once my study-abroad buddy and Grant’s sister) for drinks on St. Paddy’s Day.

No time for just lying around, we have places to be!

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Episode Fifty Six – La Vita È Bella

Here’s a short story for you: every time I title a new post, I write out ‘Episode…’ and then load my own blog on my browser to check what Episode number I’m actually on. And today? Today I had to scroll past one ‘Out of Office Note’, one reblog of something I posted on Raxa Collective ages ago, three Saturday Spotlights and two PinAddicts Challenges just to get to the most recent episode on my actual life. For this, I apologise. You deserve so much more, each and every one of you. And with Grant coming to stay in three short days*, I’d better rectify the situation tout de suite before I’m distracted yet again.


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