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Episode Seventy One – Speaking of Fireworks…

The fireworks celebrating the end of the Edinburgh International Festival

Even halfway down the Mile our vantage point was pretty good.

It’s funny that I should publish that post about fireworks only a couple of days ago, because today is the day of the end-of-festival firework show in Edinburgh! I didn’t really know much about it until a week or so ago – one of the guides mentioned it at work, and then I saw a poster in the window of the Lyceum theatre. Apparently the orchestra was performing in the gardens and the fireworks were supposed to be synchronised to the symphony… or something. Continue reading


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Episode Seventy – Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

My birthday falls on the 5th of November. Here in the United Kingdom, that’s a special occasion known as Guy Fawkes’ Night (or sometimes just Bonfire Night). If you’ve ever seen V for Vendetta, you’ll know more or less what I’m on about: basically in 1605 this Guy Fawkes character led an assault on the then-English Parliament, with the intention of blowing up the House of Lords and assassinating the King. The attempt failed, Fawkes and his fellow conspirators were hanged, drawn and quartered, and to this day we still celebrate that the treason never took place. Yes, even here in Scotland where we don’t feel particularly warmly or fuzzily about the Crown or the House of Lords or the London Parliament or any of that stuff. But hey, a party’s a party, and where I’m from, the 5th of November is definitely a party.

4th of July firework show introduction

A beautiful introduction to the show: a great deal of fire performers and some slow-motion fireworks.

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Episode Three – Breakfast in America (and lunch, and dinner)


Well, I’ve been in the States for five full days now – which seems pretty crazy to me. I only have sixteen left! But let’s not think about that right now. I am currently chillin out on Grant’s deck, occasionally in the sun. There are huge-ass ants running around and making me feel slightly uneasy – the bugs here are definitely much bigger than I’m used to. Nonetheless, I ventured into the woods behind Grant’s house last night with him, his younger sister Amanda, brother Blake and friends Pat and Cody for a small campfire at “Fort Grant”. Pat and Cody were over for Grant and Kara’s graduation party, where I had a chance to meet the majority of Grant’s closest friends and relatives. I’d already met a couple of them at the house-warming party his aunt and uncle had hosted the day before. This party was to celebrate the completion of the renovations of their old house – they’d had a lot of repairs and refurbishments going on since the fire which destroyed a great deal of it. So I met Grant’s uncle and aunt then, of course, and his grandfather and a few others briefly before Blake, Grant and I headed off to do some mini-golf. I lost, needless to say, but it was good fun.

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