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Episode Eight – A Long Way Home

Alright, so right at this moment I’m sitting in Detroit Airport and the fire alarm is going off but nobody’s moving so I guess there’s no fire…? Well, in any case, I’m on my way home now. If I don’t die in a blaze then I should be making it in to Edinburgh Airport at around 9am Scottish time. Which means I’ll have been travelling for like, nineteen hours.

I say “travelling”, but up until now there hasn’t been much of that going on. My flight out of Columbus was delayed by two hours – first of all we were told it was because the plane was late coming in but then the pilot said it was something to do with a “maintenance discrepancy”. That, coupled with the fire alarm here in Detroit that’s only just stopped, is leading me to be somewhat concerned that I am going to die today. Anyway, I didn’t start from the beginning. Where was I? Continue reading


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