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Episode Sixty Six – First Days Stateside

It’s been a while since I’ve been in America, and even longer since I’ve been to Grant’s family home. Because of my world travels, he’s been visiting me in my various homes around the globe for the past year or so; first in Costa Rica last summer, then in Scotland at Christmas, and finally again in France in the spring. I spent about a week with him in Akron last October but never made it to his home town in that short time, so all told it’s been about fifteen months since I’ve been here.

This is what I’m looking at right now.

And things have changed since then! The family room has received a beautiful makeover and the gazebo’s been updated too; the first thing I noticed, though, was that Grant’s younger brother has moved into the other room in the basement where his sister used to live. Her absence was sorely missed that first evening when I went to take my shower and found that, in place of her usual array of products carrying such names as ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘Moonlight Whisper,’ I was offered only a single choice of shower gel: ‘Power Stick‘. Continue reading



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PinAddicts Challenge, March 2012

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Did you miss me?! I missed you. All of you. A lot.

So I went to Italy for a week and it was totally crazy. We were so busy all the time, seeing things and doing things and eating things and photographing things… Then yesterday morning we arrived on our international bus at 4:30 am and the trams hadn’t started yet because it was a Sunday and it was kind of awful. Plus, from all that close proximity with other people, I have developed a nasty cold. It really is very unfortunate.

BUT! Glad tidings, my friends! I am proud (and relieved) to announce that today I completed the most appropriate project possible for this sad news I just recounted to you. It’s the first Monday of the month again, which means #PinAddicts  is go! So I made a big push to finish this Grecian Rib scarf I’ve been working on forever. I will now be warm and toasty even in this cold, miserable Strasbourg weather. :) (It’s actually a fair bit warmer than it was before I left, but Italy was scorching so I’ve been spoiled).

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Saturday Spotlight Nine: My Crafty Valentine

From one holiday to another: today I’m going to play right into your hands with a predictable Valentine-themed post. Grant has pinky-promised me (over Skype, of course, but I’m holding him to it!) that he won’t read this, so I’m free to share with all my other devoted readers what I would love to have waiting for him when he comes to visit. Bear in mind that this is totally all for me. Grant’s not a mushy guy, but I am certainly mushy enough for both of us. I can’t help it – I’m going overboard this year.

Plus, maybe by setting a good example I can train him to do such lovely mooshy things for me somewhere down the line :P

This great combination of wire and embroidery techniques comes from Camilla Fabbri at Family Chic.

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Episode Fifty One – Home For Christmas

Hi everyone, and happy Christmas, Hannukah or whatever other celebrations you may be involved in!

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted in a long time – again. I didn’t post for a while before I came home from Costa Rica, and since then it’s been Christmas central around here so I’m only just now sitting down with my computer to give you all the love and attention you deserve :P

This is how it feels to be Home For Christmas.

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Saturday Spotlight Two – 5 Festive Wreaths

So, remember last week when I strongly suggested you get yourself over to Pinterest and set up an account?

Well, that was good counsel. However, there is some dosage advice to go along with it. And here it comes, along with my list of five festive wreaths for all tastes.

I said last week that I have all these different ways of bookmarking things to come back to later – Liking, Thumbs-Upping, Plus-1-ing, Pinning, Starring, and all manner of other things. It’s great – I can file these things neatly away with titles and tags and get them back out again when I have the time/money/patience/know-how (delete as appropriate). Isn’t that fantastic?

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Episode Forty Five – Taller de Reciclaje

Hi all.

I apologize in advance for not having had time to write out, redraft, then upload this post – but goodness knows if I had, it’d be another week or so coming. So here it is, because mostly I just want to share some pictures and links with you all. Continue reading


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Episode Twenty Five – Goodbye, America

The other part of my spring trip I want to tell you about is our egg-dyeing session. Of course. As I’ve mentioned, Grant has an account of our D.C. trip in the pipeline, and while I’d love to tell you the whole story from my perspective too, I don’t really think anyone cares so much about those three days to require two separate accounts. Plus, I might have a shot at finally getting this blog up to date if I let him take this one. Continue reading


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