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Episode Eighty One – Plate Piled High

So, Masters degrees are stressful. There’s a lot to learn and only one year to learn it – and when the subject at hand is a skill like conference interpreting, a year seems like an impossibly short amount of time to pick it up. But I’ve been progressing well enough, and at the mock conferences we’ve been running these past few weeks I’ve really surprised myself with how much better I do when a) I’m interpreting a live speaker as opposed to a recording, and b) there’s an audience sitting there and actually relying on me to understand what is being said. The good news: That’s exactly what interpreting is like in a professional setting. The bad news: It’s not what it’s like in the final exam. All in all though, I’m feeling pretty confident.


Sometimes I take pictures of the lecture slides.

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Saturday Spotlight Nineteen – Tabouleh

Happy Saturday, one and all!

A while back I decided to share a recipe for French onion soup since it’s so often been my dinner here. Today I think I’ll do the same with a lunch dish I make over and over because it’s so simple to make and makes me feel healthy ^_^. My handy handbook says you need to eat starchy foods (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.) at every meal, and we all know that raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones, not to mention easier to prepare! So this recipe fulfils a couple of your dietary needs, whilst also being a) delicious, b) very filling and c) portable enough for picnics and packed lunches. The fruits will give you a nice quick shot of energy, and the starch in the couscous will keep you going until dinner :)

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Saturday Spotlight Sixteen – French Onion Soup

Remember how my room is really tiny, my kitchen has no facilities, and as a result I more or less confined myself to salads as my evening meal? Then remember how I posted about my cours de cuisine which was helping me break that habit and start cooking real food? Well, further to that, I thought it’d be nice to start posting about what I’ve been eating since arriving here. I’ve been making an effort to try to take advantage of French food, but my more pressing criteria are definitely budget (my weekly earnings quickly dropped from 51€ to 26€), speed (I prefer to spend as little time in that grubby communal kitchen as possible), and ease (more because of a lack of equipment than a lack of cooking skills, of course. Although I do lack both). So just so you know, any recipes you see on here in the near future will likely cost less than 3€ a person and be perfectly possible to produce using only a stove top and a toaster oven. That’s right, I don’t even have a microwave. Pity me.

Ok, so I'm new to food photography, but this looks appetising, right? Right?

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Saturday Spotlight Thirteen – Good Habits

Hello, hello!

Today is a beautiful day, sun is shining, birds are singing, people are canoeing on the river outside my window, candy floss is whipping up on the branches of Strasbourg’s trees, and I saw 2012’s first wasp today. In short, I’m telling you what you already know: Spring is here!!!!!

Just a smattering of candy floss on this one, but I'll take it!

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