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Episode Seven – The Beginning of the End

Ok, so I am now more than a week behind in my account of my time here in the States. My return from Chicago was last Sunday, and it is now Tuesday, so I’ll probably be spending a large portion of the long journey home catching up in documenting my experiences here, even though I won’t be able to actually post it until later because Grandma doesn’t have Internet access. Wut.

A lot of the time since Chicago has actually been spent doing very little. When we’ve done things, we’ve done them in short bursts, and lazed around in between, so my usual “On Monday we… On Tuesday we…” style – which, let’s face it, was getting old anyway – won’t work for this entry. I saw a few more of the things Zanesville has to offer – Grant’s aunt Susan showed me around her studio downtown, which was really interesting, and then she took us to lunch and showed us around a small art centre-type thing, and the Zanesville Art Museum. They had a giant carved wooden turtle. It was badass. We also went to Tom’s for ice cream, where I probably broke the record for percentage of body mass consumed in dairy produce. Grant took me to Dillon Dam, and Toy Story 3 (epic), and the mall. Blake had his 13th birthday party at the Country Club pool, which was pretty fab. We visited the amusement park near Cincinnati, King’s Island, with Grant’s sister Kara and cousin James. That was super-fun – and I have the photograph to show it. I don’t think I’m a particularly gullible customer in terms of buying those stupid roller-coaster photographs, but in this case, I just couldn’t pass it up. It was worth every cent of the $15 I paid for it. Continue reading

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