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Episode Thirty Seven – Why My Next Computer Will Not Be A Mac

Now, it’s not often that you’ll find one of my posts tagged with the keyword ‘technology’ but this is really less of a technological issue and more of a psychological, emotional, financial and general well-being related post. It takes the form of a letter.

[EDIT: Steve Jobs resigned as head of Apple Inc. on the same day as I published this, and especially since his early passing away I feel a little bad about the timing of this post. Please just remember while you read that at time of going to wordpress, he was still alive and kicking as CEO.] Continue reading



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Episode Twenty Eight – Hours Later

(Twenty Eight Hours Later! Sometimes I really outdo myself. It really was about twenty eight hours between waking up at my grandma’s house and going to bed in San José).

~     *    ~

Let’s play a game. It’s called ‘Testing Your Limits’. Continue reading


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Episode Twenty Two – I Just Couldn’t Get Enough

So when I left you last time I had just decided where to for my first semester abroad – Costa Rica. Since I got back I’ve been working like a busy little bee to make that a reality, and it’s coming along quite well! However, there are many more stories to tell about my winter trip, including a near-death experience and probably the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life so far. No, they were not the same incident. Continue reading

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Episode Eighteen – Ode de Toilette

I know, I know, I know. You’re all waiting with bated breath to hear about the rest of my Christmas trip to the States, and it’s now almost April and you’ve heard nothing. You’re sick and tired of my blasé attitude, and you don’t know why you don’t just give up this wild goose chase and go read a better blog. Maybe you’ve already given up – in this, I’m addressing those of you not reading this post, those of you who have read my past entries and have not, in fact, borne with me until now. I don’t blame you. I don’t. I’ve neglected you, Readers, and I don’t expect your forgiveness, I don’t expect you to accept my peace offering.

But there is a peace offering. Continue reading


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Episode Seventeen – Third Time’s a Charm

[Once again, you’ll note that this was actually written a couple of months ago. Whoops].

Liberty International Airport, NJ. I’ve been on the road, so to speak, for 11 hours. Not too bad, compared with my last few trips over here! Dad not only paid for expensive Christmas flights to Ohio for me, he paid extra to get a two-flight journey instead of the usual three. What a treat! Every time I take that route from Edinburgh to Amsterdam, then back over the UK to get to America, my soul weeps a little. So it’s a huge relief and a huge time-saver, just going direct from Edinburgh to Newark and then on to Columbus. Not only this, but I made it out of the U.K. in the nick of time! As I was waiting to board my first flight, I glanced at the TV in the departure lounge which was scrolling through headline after headline of disruptions caused by snow. It hit northern Scotland last night and apparently some other parts of the UK today, and the next wave of weather warnings was rolling in just as my flight was taking off. I also checked the departures board – pretty much every flight after 10am was displaying either “Cancelled due to weather” or “Contact Airline”. Guess which message appeared next to the Amsterdam flight I would have taken if it weren’t for my dad being a hero? The former. Continue reading

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Episode Eight – A Long Way Home

Alright, so right at this moment I’m sitting in Detroit Airport and the fire alarm is going off but nobody’s moving so I guess there’s no fire…? Well, in any case, I’m on my way home now. If I don’t die in a blaze then I should be making it in to Edinburgh Airport at around 9am Scottish time. Which means I’ll have been travelling for like, nineteen hours.

I say “travelling”, but up until now there hasn’t been much of that going on. My flight out of Columbus was delayed by two hours – first of all we were told it was because the plane was late coming in but then the pilot said it was something to do with a “maintenance discrepancy”. That, coupled with the fire alarm here in Detroit that’s only just stopped, is leading me to be somewhat concerned that I am going to die today. Anyway, I didn’t start from the beginning. Where was I? Continue reading


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