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Episode Seventy Eight – I’m Sick

Hi guys.


I’m sick today. And since this apparently makes me incapable of concentrating for more than five minutes on anything other than feeling sorry for myself, I thought I’d share a short post with you about some observations I’ve made in the course of my sick day.


First up, Superdrug: thank you for being the only chemist open on a Sunday. I bet half your weekly revenue comes in on the one day every other pharmacy in the area is closed: that’s smart business practice right there.


Also for you, Superdrug: as if being open on a Sunday weren’t helpful enough, I also observed that you had the consideration to put a warning on your boxes of tissues, reminding me to ‘Please check all paper tissues have been removed from garments before washing’. It’s things like this that let me know you have my back.


Finally, to Cadbury’s: thanks for equipping your large 120g bars of chocolate with a resealable opening, but let’s be honest here: you needn’t have bothered.


Well, that’s my concentration span exhausted for just now. Better get back to my essay, which is due tomorrow and which I have no motivation – and I mean none whatsoever – to complete. :(


I’d say hugs and kisses but you don’t want to come anywhere near me, so a wee wave goodbye will do.





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Episode Seventy Seven – Even More on Writing

I’ve been quite quiet lately because I’ve been “busy”. For me, that means oscillating between periods of utter apathy, Words with Friends and alarming quantities of snacking; and moments where all the important things I must achieve put so much pressure on me that I work frantically on one whilst feeling guilty that I’m not doing the others. If you look over my shoulder and observe me typing up an email to a translator, politely asking how one enters into the specialty of translating cookbooks (my current life goal), you can be sure your nose is brushing the angel that sits there screaming in my ear, ‘you have two essays to write this month what use is it knowing how to get a job if you fail your degree because you were too busy jobhunting to study you imbecile‘. Yet, when I am studying, the angel decides this would be the perfect time to take the entrance exam for the internship I applied for last week, and criticises me for being too much on-paper and not enough on-the-ball.

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Episode Seventy Four – On Writing

Well, that was an intense semester.

Aside from my written and spoken language requirements, I’ve had a literature module each for French and Spanish, and they have been fantastic. Especially the Spanish one. The Spanish Newspaper Column By Writers was perfect for a blogger, as the assessed coursework was not an essay but rather two of our own newspaper columns, our handling of which was supposed to be indicative of our understanding of the column as a literary genre; being a blogger helped me to compose these assignments, and composing the assignments was useful for my blogging, too. Not just the assignments, in fact, but the course in general: I learned a great deal from the module, not only in terms of Spanish literature but much more generally as well.  Continue reading

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Episode Fifty Six – La Vita È Bella

Here’s a short story for you: every time I title a new post, I write out ‘Episode…’ and then load my own blog on my browser to check what Episode number I’m actually on. And today? Today I had to scroll past one ‘Out of Office Note’, one reblog of something I posted on Raxa Collective ages ago, three Saturday Spotlights and two PinAddicts Challenges just to get to the most recent episode on my actual life. For this, I apologise. You deserve so much more, each and every one of you. And with Grant coming to stay in three short days*, I’d better rectify the situation tout de suite before I’m distracted yet again.


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Out of Office Note

Hi everyone!

I am really sorry to put so little effort into this, but a bunch of stuff has been going on lately what with the end of term etc. and I haven’t managed to upload the posts that I’ve written out. I meant to have two Saturday Spotlights and another post ready and queued to be published while I’m gone, but it just hasn’t happened and I’m sorry. So, unfortunately I probably won’t be posting for another week or so. Once I get back, Grant is coming so I’ll do my best to keep up… but you know what it’s like when we’re together.

Long story short, I guess you can consider this a hiatus of 1½-3 weeks from the blog: it makes me feel really weird to say it because it’s been a long time since I’ve posted that infrequently, but I’ll be acquiring many things to write about because as you may have noticed from my bold type face, I am going on holiday!!!! That’s right, my friend Nicole and I are going to Italy for the winter break from classes: she’s already hanging out in Milan but I had some classes today I didn’t want to miss (how scholarly of me, I know) so I stayed behind an extra couple of days. I’ll be meeting her in Florence for some beautiful Tuscany goodness and then we’re off to Rome for some historical contemplation. Our bus (that’s right, bus : /) back to Strasbourg leaves from Milan so we’ll have a full day there too before getting back home at 5am on Monday, just in time for classes!!!!

I don’t really have classes on Monday, I don’t start until Tuesday, I’m not crazy.

So, yes, I’m going to Italy for a bit and then the love of my life is coming to visit me in Strasbourg where I live, so I’m feeling pretty awesome about my life right now, even if I am exhausted and have a 13-hour coach ride ahead of me. I do apologise for the upcoming lack of attention you’ll all be receiving: I hope you can all understand. Oh, and I’m really hoping I’ll be able to churn out another post for the PinAddicts challenge on the first Monday of the month, as usual.

And by ‘as usual’, I mean, ‘for the second time’.

Ok, peace out lovies! I’ll be back with lots of wondrous photos for you and shit :D


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Episode Fifty Four – On Bucket Lists (Part A)

You know, a strange thing happened to me a little while back: I became interesting.

‘How does one go about doing that?’, you may ask. And I’ll tell you: not how you should do it, but how it ended up happening to me. Of course, I would never say that this is the only way of doing it: that’s the whole point of ‘interesting’, that there’s no formula for it. But for me, this is how it happened.

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Episode Thirty Seven – Why My Next Computer Will Not Be A Mac

Now, it’s not often that you’ll find one of my posts tagged with the keyword ‘technology’ but this is really less of a technological issue and more of a psychological, emotional, financial and general well-being related post. It takes the form of a letter.

[EDIT: Steve Jobs resigned as head of Apple Inc. on the same day as I published this, and especially since his early passing away I feel a little bad about the timing of this post. Please just remember while you read that at time of going to wordpress, he was still alive and kicking as CEO.] Continue reading


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