Episode Seventy Nine – Home At Last

This won’t be a very good post; I can feel it. I’m rusty. It’s been months – perhaps longer than ever before. But I’m in a writing mood, and especially after all this time, I can’t let that go to waste; maybe I can use it to gain some momentum, warm up a little.

I’m home, properly, for the first time in years. Since I last wrote, I had a visit from Grant, we went to Poland, I handed in my end-of-year essays and took my final exams, I moved to Somerset for a translation internship, I had the time of my life (not during but just after my university days); not only did I graduate, I graduated with the highest possible honours for my degree combination – First Class, with two distinctions in spoken language – I spent three months in Ohio with Grant, I watched as he took his oath and was sworn in as an attorney, I started my own (tiny) business, I went to Sarajevo to learn Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian; and I was home in time for Christmas dinner (if only just).

Now here I am. Let’s look at that for a moment: I am here, without a gerund, without any kind of qualifying phrase. Not ‘I am staying here’, not ‘I am here for months’, not ‘I’ll be here until…’

I am here. Here I am.

And so far, for once, it’s been exactly what I dreamed it would be. I’ve been working on translations, earning some money, paying taxes, setting up my own space, drinking tea, reading, meeting up with family and old friends, staying up, sleeping in, answering the doorbell at noon

in my pyjamas, and slowly but surely restoring myself to a sense of belonging.

So no, not a great post but a necessary one. For as long as this blog has known me I’ve been a nomad, and now, for goodness knows how long but for now at least, I am settled, I am grounded; I am home.

At long, long last.

Image from LayLadyLele, designer behind the This Is Home campaign (click for link).

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  1. Dorin

    Hi there. Nicely written post and congratulations on your achievements, I am sure it was difficult! I wanted to suggest changing the font of the text as it was difficult for me to read, it’s too thin and the white of the background breaks it.

    Also, I work for a language service provider and I wanted to invite you to check our recruitment page. We are constantly looking for freelanced writers to work with us. Look for Global Lingo. If you have any questions, you can contact me on the email I used here.

    Good luck with your future ventures!

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