Episode Seventy Two – Autumn in Edinburgh

Hi everyone.

It’s been forever. How have you been?! I’ve been cuh-razy busy, as you can tell from the lack of posts. I’m going to give up apologising for my flakey behaviour, because it looks like I’ll never change. But what with working 12 hours a week on top of my final-year studies (seriously, something major happened to the workload while I was gone), stuff started to get on top of me a little. I dropped the 12 hours at Sandemans just in time, it seems, as deadlines have been rolling in like a line of Russian tankers, ready to flatten me into the ground. If Russian tankers had French accents and shot shells of 20th-century Surrealist French literature, that is.

Anyway. I was walking home from campus yesterday in the fog, and I thought about how I hadn’t posted on here in a while and how nice it would be to be able to share a quick moment with you all. So I came home, grabbed my camera and wandered back out into the Meadows to try and capture the weather. I’ve never shot in fog before, so I was worried they might come out quite dull, but I’m quite pleased with the collection as a first attempt.

Edit credit goes to Grant on this one, thank you!

We had some beautiful but deceptive sunshine today, as it was still incredibly cold out, but I witnessed a beautiful sunset on my way home from the library – who out of you has ever seen a sunset that’s made you say to yourself not only ‘why do I never learn to bring my camera with me?’ but also ‘I think I’ll go for a jog in the freezing Scottish twilight’? Well, it was that good. But I didn’t get any pictures because I never learn to bring my camera with me. Maybe tomorrow.

That’ll have to be all for now, I’m afraid, because this essay is hanging over my head and I have two full days to get it done. Thankfully, I can write it in English, but the material is pretty tough going – I’m writing on Breton’s Nadja so if anyone can suggest any useful secondary readings, please, shoot them my way!

All the best in the meantime, and listen, thanks again for putting up with me. I love knowing that you’re all there waiting when I do finally have some time to chat.

(Not that I think of my readers as a bunch of sad, lonely people who sit by their computers waiting for me to post, of course. I’m sure you’re all much more interesting than I am in that regard :P)






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8 responses to “Episode Seventy Two – Autumn in Edinburgh

  1. cncphotoblog

    great pictures!

  2. Your pictures are spectacular! :-)

  3. Such pretty photos! Especially the top one with the bench, that’s my favorite. I never seem to see squirrels around town but people manage to get pictures of them. What am i doing wrong?? Oh, it’s nice to see you back on your blog, too!

    • Haha, thank you very much :) There were squirrels EVERYWHERE when I was out snapping away – I guess they were out rummaging through the fallen leaves for acorns to get them through the winter!

      Thanks, it’s nice to be back :) I think I’m going to manage to post a little more frequently from now own – once this essay is out of the way. Kisses!

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