Episode Seventy One – Speaking of Fireworks…

The fireworks celebrating the end of the Edinburgh International Festival

Even halfway down the Mile our vantage point was pretty good.

It’s funny that I should publish that post about fireworks only a couple of days ago, because today is the day of the end-of-festival firework show in Edinburgh! I didn’t really know much about it until a week or so ago – one of the guides mentioned it at work, and then I saw a poster in the window of the Lyceum theatre. Apparently the orchestra was performing in the gardens and the fireworks were supposed to be synchronised to the symphony… or something.

The fireworks at the end of the Fringe festival

Ghost tour guide said these reminded him of a heather-topped hillside.

Anyway, as I was running out the door to work I remembered that the fireworks were supposed to be on at 9pm, which is the time I arrive at the ghost tour start point on the Royal Mile ready to sell tickets. So I took my camera along with me in case I had time to snap some pics, which I did.

The end-of-festival fireworks

I much less poetically referred to these as ‘the ones that look like Sideshow Bob’s hair’.

I would have been interested to hear the music that went along with the fireworks, because they did go through some very different moods – some quieter, slower ones in green (yes, turns out, fireworks can be slow) and then huge bursts of loud golden explosives as, presumably, the climax of the music arrived. But it was a fantastic viewpoint to watch from, and really, how many people get to watch fireworks out the office window? I actually do really enjoy my job – working in the evenings, spending most of the day on the Royal Mile answering people’s questions and admiring the view, and, occasionally, bringing strawberry cupcakes for the pub crawl guides.

Edinburgh chimney tops and fireworks

The view was slightly obscured by the rooftops, but I think this actually created a beautiful silhouette.

So, that’s what my weekend looked like. Fireworks or not, I hope you all got what you wanted/needed out of your own two-day reprieve, and best wishes for the week ahead :)









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One response to “Episode Seventy One – Speaking of Fireworks…

  1. Gerard Madill

    Hi Megan – enjoyed the post and pics. Do you remember watching them from the roof at my work when you were wee? I think we only did it a couple of times and at least once we didn’t see much because of mist/low cloud. It was a great vantage point when the weather was good, though….

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