Episode Sixty Nine – Why I Can’t Stop Blogging

This might seem like an ironic post title given what happened in the month of July (i.e. nothing – no new posts or updates, sorry again about that). However, I find that however long I go without posting on WordPress, I always get that itch to come back and continue sharing with all of you: and, more to the point, as soon as I do, I often can’t stem the flow of words and ideas that I suddenly just have to spout forth.

Knee-high by the 4th of July…

Those of you who also write on WordPress will know that when you publish a new post, you’re always rewarded with a quote about writing. One of them says that the desire to write grows with writing, and I couldn’t agree more. There’s always something that ties in with Monday’s topic, waiting to be explored on Tuesday (or, in my case, Monday evening). I guess a writer’s job is never done, lowly bloggers such as myself included.

Basically, I’ve been holding off on writing about my latest trip to see Grizzly, without really knowing why. I suppose I didn’t know where to start, but then, suddenly, I did: I just posted a few photos and went from there. Now I want to show you something as simple as one of the meals I enjoyed in Zanesville. Grizzly’s dad (aka Poppa Bear) is a fantastic cook, and treats us all every night to a lovingly-prepared and delicious meal.

Grilled chicken and corn for an al fresco dinner in summer

Help myself? Don’t mind if I do…

These are from the all-American meal of corn and chicken which we ate al fresco, out on the porch with Grandma Jones – before said porch was ravaged by Midwest storms, of course. It’s this kind of family gathering that made me really fall in love with the Midwest in the first place. There are some Southern Californians (I won’t name names…) who believe that reading books by literary figures such as Franzen entitles you to write off a whole swathe of your own country as inferior to your own region. Personally, I say it’s his loss and the Midwest’s gain that this particular ex-Facebook-friend of mine will never be visiting.

Not that I’m bitter or anything… Basically, I <3 OH.

See you soon!





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4 responses to “Episode Sixty Nine – Why I Can’t Stop Blogging

  1. Megan, it’s the fashion these days to diss our own country and traditions. Americans aren’t unique in that, I’m afraid. You’d be surprised to know (or perhaps not) that the majoriy don’t feel the way those snobby Californians do. Only they are called the ‘silent majority’. You keep it up. :)

    • Haha, I suppose you’re right. It’s a big country, and you can’t all love each other. I just wish people would be more open-minded, and I thought the Californians were supposed to be the most open-minded of all… I guess maybe that’s precisely why they don’t get along with the Midwesterners.

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