Episode Sixty Eight – S’more from Megan, Finally!

Hello again, faithful and long-suffering readers.

Goodness gracious, I’ve been busy since leaving Strasbourg behind! As I mentioned, I’ve been training for this new job at Sandemans New Europe tours. They offer free tours (as well as paid ones) in lots of cities all over the continent, and when I got in touch and said I wanted to be a tips-only tour guide, they responded by offering me a stable job with a good hourly wage instead :)

So that’s what’s been on my mind since returning from France, and then later, the States. I realise I haven’t posted much about that little excursion either, but I will – just, probably, in a different way from usual. This is on account of the fact that I don’t expect you’re all longing to spend your Sundays reading about how warm and soft and comforted I feel in my true love’s arms. But I do have lots of things to say that would fit better in a blog than in the diary of a 15-year-old girl, so sit tight.









For now, the photos from an evening we spent out by the campfire, complete with s’mores, scary stories and lightning bugs. I hope you enjoy them! These should do a better job than my lyricism at capturing the way I feel when I’m in Ohio with Grizzly Bear and his family – just imagine us all a tiny bit sweatier during daylight hours.









Finally, I want to thank you all so much for your patience and loyalty during my absence! I almost feel guilty announcing that I’ve been blogging at another URL, but I’m also proud of what I’ve put together so far over at Awl of the Above, my new creative outlet where I explore my place in the maker’s world, posting the occasional stop-motion video along the way. (And by ‘occasional’ I mean that I’ve made one to date but I committed to buying the software, which at $35 was a serious long-term investment).

…and repeat.

All the best from my home town at last!




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