Episode Sixty Seven – Soundbytes from the Midwest

I don’t know how big a news item this is outside of the U.S., but for those of you who haven’t heard, things aren’t exactly super-awesome in Ohio right now. Nor in Indiana, Virginia or West Virginia, for that matter. On Friday evening, a huge storm rampaged across the four states, felling trees and dragging down power lines in its wake and leaving four million people without electricity. Then again two nights ago, a fresh derecho tore through the midwest once more – and while Zanesville narrowly escaped the new winds and in fact enjoyed a much-needed drop in temperature since many people’s air conditioning was out of service, the storm reached out as far as Washington, D.C., leaving more people without power and us further down the priority list.

Our back garden, where the root of our power problems seems quite clear.

So, keeping in mind that it’s over 90°F out (35+°C), that Grant and I had to forego the cushy cabin his parents gifted us for the weekend because of this storm, and that the highest-trending Twitter topics for the Zanesville area are ‘storm’, ‘rain’ and ‘hate’… Here are a few of the catch phrases that are being batted around in my area recently.

The neighbour’s garden, a certified wildlife habitat, suffered worse damage than ours.

‘Let’s go to the pool/mall/cinema/anywhere with air conditioning’.

‘Let’s just go drive around for a while with the air on’.

‘Damn, that generator is loud’.

‘Why are there so many people at the gas station?!’


‘I need to check my emails OH WAIT’.

‘This coffee needs some milk OH WAIT’.

‘Hold on, I need to blow-dry my hair first OH WAIT’.

‘Hey, open the garage door OH WAIT’.

‘This is dull, let’s get some music on OH WAIT’.

‘Garçon? I can’t finish this, could I have a box to take it home OH WAIT’.

And last but certainly not least: ‘FML’.

The neighbour was lucky – this tree only just missed his front window.

Anyway, the estimate is that power will be restored to our county on Sunday, ten days after it went out: in which case, I’ll have three full days of enlightenment before I have to come home to Scotland, hooray! Until then, I have to come in to Stubbins, Watson and Bryan – Grant’s dad’s law firm – for my internet and temperature needs.

Stay cool, everyone! Goodness knows I won’t be.






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3 responses to “Episode Sixty Seven – Soundbytes from the Midwest

  1. Gerard Madill

    That doesn’t sound good, Megan! Even in South Uist, we were rarely without power for more than 2 days (albeit, it happened more frequently!). I can imagine it’s not pleasant – we’ve had temperatures (highs, obv) between 34C and 37C in Sarajevo this week, so have been using the ‘klima’ from time to time. Hope it gets sorted in Zanesville sooner than predicted and that you manage to enjoy your time there somehow.
    Hugs and commiserations,
    P.S. Don’t forget to tell Grant I was asking for him!

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re okay. Those midwest storms can be pretty rough.

  3. Sounds awful! Freak weather always scares me!! Hopefully everything is back to normal now. I can commiserate because Italy was having an unusually high summer too, with 42 celcius on my birthday!!! :o see you soon! :)

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