Episode Sixty Five – Faisons un pique-nique!

As my last few days in France float by, it’s fun to look back on some of the most fun days I’ve had here, with Grant by my side, holding my hand and taking all the pictures alternately :P The spring weather has been all over the place, but I’m pretty sure the longest stretch of non-stop beautiful sun was the week when Grant was here :)

The swans come out to bathe in the sun, all perfect and white.

Good weather is always – well, good. But it’s especially advantageous when you’re travelling on a budget, which as a long-distance couple we always are. Why is good weather our best friend? Because it means picnics instead of expensive lunches in cafés; it means wandering through the streets and admiring the buildings instead of museum entry fees; it means getting around on foot instead of buying tram tickets.


Who wants to be inside on a day like this?

Picnic #1

Location: the riverside promenade next to Gallia.

Menu: freshly-baked croissants (€0.95 each from my local baker), satsumas (dirt-cheap from the supermarket), Lay’s crisps (€2 from a nearby tabac), two sodas and macarons (€8 or so from Paul).

The ultimate French pique-nique!

Verdict: awesome. The riverbank is always full of students relaxing in the spring sun, and the boat-restaurants across the river are teeming with well-to-do French people enjoying a diabolo. Great for people-watching or just joining in the fun. And macarons are always a great addition to a picnic, even if they are a little pricey.

The whole length of Quai des Bateliers is like this. It’s pretty incredible to walk along.

After Picnic #1 we wandered past the cathedral, which Grant photographed much more successfully than I had; and continued on to the celebrated Petite France. Since this was the first time the weather had reached ‘Hey-let’s-go-for-a-wander’ quality, it was also about the second or third time I’d visited this part of town, and instantly remembered why I’d come to Strasbourg in the first place. It is the epitome of Alsatian charm, and breathtakingly lovely from every angle. We stopped in for a coffee at a Café Littéraire; then I gawped for a while at the products in La Mercerie craft shop and allowed Grant to convince me* to buy a Christmas embroidery book. Yes, in March.

*Ok, so there wasn’t exactly much ‘convincing’ required.

The intricate cathedral can’t really be fairly represented in a photograph, but that doesn’t mean the photos can’t still be stunning!

Exaggerated head-tilt and beautiful architecture!

Picnic #2

Location: Another riverbank, this time in Petite France

Menu: Burritos (€6,50 from La Cocina)

Yep, looks to be about a 9.5 on the delicious scale.

Verdict: Burritos ROCK. The Cocina lady has some sort of magic wrapping technique that makes them really easy not to spill everywhere – even I came out of the experience without a single stain! Also this picnic spot was so pleasant that we came back the next day with Amanda. It’s quieter, and there are some beautifully colourful houses on the opposite bank to lust after.

Me and my many dream houses <3

Picnic #3

Location: See Picnic #2 above.

Menu: Danish pastries, chips and salsa, chocolate cream desserts, and 250g of strawberries (all from Monoprix).

Awkward postures all around!

The real reason Grant and I hung out with Amanda that day… Someone to photograph the two of us :P

Verdict: The whole day was fun, including the shopping for ingredients. You should have seen the fuss Amanda and I made when Grant wouldn’t let us get the 600g case of strawberries… We were like his pre-teen daughters, not his sister and girlfriend :/ (It turned out he was right and 250g was plenty for the three of us). After the picnic we finished up with some light shopping, Grant bought some hand-made pottery to take home to his mum, and we wandered around being silly for a while longer before finally parting ways. So much fun!

The real reason Amanda and I hung out with Grant that day…

‘Hey, quick Megan, get in that bridge!’

Trying to work out which male duck is the third wheel.

Grant and I had one more trip outside of France before he left me once again: this time, our destination was Basel, Switzerland. I have some smashing pictures to show you when that post comes around, so préparez-vous bien! ;)

I hope you’re having a great week! I’ll be back soon :)

All the best,


Now, how do I get down from here…?




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4 responses to “Episode Sixty Five – Faisons un pique-nique!

  1. What a beautiful day! :-)

  2. Gerard Madill

    Sounds grand, Megan! I agree, Petite France is pretty special. I’ve just one question for you though, having looked at your patisserie purchase – is that a macaron, or a meringue? :)))
    Well, what can I tell you? Obligé, quoi?
    Bon voyage, when the time comes.

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