Sunday Spotlight Eighteen – New Blog Love

I had a few ideas for the opening sentence to this post and I just couldn’t choose, so instead of choosing, I’m going to list them all:

1. Has it become cliché to use a noun such as ‘blog’ and add ‘love’ after it to create a new noun phrase? Something tells me this relatively new phenomenon has already passed into the ‘mainstream’ phase.

2. I’m so glad both the days of the weekend begin with an S so I can post my spotlight a day late and not feel guilty.

3. Ironically enough, I actually spent Sunday hiding in the shade of my room, avoiding the sun at all costs – this is because my Fry-day, on the other hand, did live up to its name and I’m nursing the worst burn I’ve ever had. Who forgets to lotion their back during a SIX-HOUR beach trip?!

Now that the tricky first sentence is out of the way, on with the remainder of today’s content, which will be a few of my most recent blog discoveries. Now, I expect a lot of you are here because you either know me or enjoy reading about travel, since that’s what I tend to post about more than anything, but one look at my own feedreader will tell you that almost half the RSSes I subscribe to are craft blogs. (I also have several under the ‘Personal’ heading, those of my friends and family; a couple of really excellent cooking blogs, and some design and lifestyle blogs too). So, prepare to be bowled over: lots and lots of colourful and beautiful projects are coming your way, as well as a tip-off of a giveaway courtesy of Grant.

1. One Sheepish Girl

Meredith’s banner is a brilliant representation of the character of her blog.

Meredith graduated yesterday and wrote a moving post about what her blog had meant to her during her time at university. I may be cheating by including this, since I’ve been following her for a while now, but what the hell: it made me so happy to read about her pride in tackling this incredible milestone in her life, and it’s my entry so I’ll praise whomever I want to :P One Sheepish Girl is a blog about life, knitting and loving yourself for who you are. Her fantastic creations, adorable gifs and my personal favourite, her ‘Weekend Plans‘ still-lives, achieve just what I hope to one day: they showcase the grace and beauty in the tiniest moments we create for ourselves. I might end up ‘borrowing’ her Weekend Plans idea: such a great way to a) encourage myself to do real things rather than watch House and nurse my sunburn all weekend and b) remind myself that nail polish and a crochet hook are just as acceptable ingredients for a fun weekend as alcohol and expensive tickets to whatever it is that people my age do these days.

2. Nice Package

Cute handwriting and doodles! What more could you want?!

This blog hasn’t been updated in a while – not since October, in fact – so I use it less as a blog than as an archive of great inspiration and ideas. I love giving thoughtful gifts, spending time wrapping them beautifully… and looking at photographs bathed in white light. So, this collection of the best gift ideas and packaging styles from around the web is a great go-to for fresh and cute gifting inspiration any time you need it. And I just know I’ll be using this storage idea when I come home to Scotland.

3. Flax & Twine

Soft cuddly photographs. Can you see a pattern developing in my blog taste?

Flax & Twine is a lovely read, full of thoughtful musings on the world around us, gorgeous photos just the way I like them, and of course beautiful craft projects. The chunky pouf knit and crochet egg cosies are my favourites, but I also love that there’s a series on quilting: one which I intend to thoroughly explore one day…

4. Sadie & Dasie

This one I like for the quick, simple posts that highlight one style, colour, or piece of clothing each day. The design and layout are clean and modern, the posts are well co-ordinated and concise, and I keep being introduced to new perspectives on style with each post. Cute name, too. Bravo!

I hope you’ll pop over and visit some of my new favourite web spaces. In the meantime, I got an email from Grant about a free 8×8 picturebook from Shutterfly (instead of the usual $30, although you still pay $8 shipping). I’m currently choosing the photos I want to have printed and I thought I’d share the link with you all. If you don’t have a Shutterfly account you’ll have to set one up. And no, they’re not paying me to tell you this (I wish :P) – I just thought it seemed like a good deal that some of you fellow travellers, photographers and bloggers might benefit from. You’re welcome!

That’s all from me today: I hope you all had a great weekend, and bon courage for the week ahead!

Best wishes,





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6 responses to “Sunday Spotlight Eighteen – New Blog Love

  1. Nice selection! What beach were you at?? Was it lovely? BTW. it’s hailing here. xoxo

    • It’s an artificial beach with imported sand in Baggersee here in Strasbourg. Just an hour’s tram ride from my place and yes, very lovely! The water is an artificial lake too, so no salty yuck and there’s a beautiful line of trees on the other side :) The weather was perfect: too perfect, as I was later to discover :(

  2. Ooo, fun new things to explore! :-)

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog Megan! They truly warmed my heart. :)

    • Haha, I’m so glad you said that instead of something about my ‘borrowing your weekend plans’ idea :P But really, what’s blogging for if not to share kind words about each other? :) Thanks for your comment – I’m so glad you stopped by!
      M xoxox

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