Episode Sixty Three – European Sundays

Hello lovelies! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and are refreshed and ready to face the week…

As for me, the two are barely distinguished from each other, except for the fact that the weekend contains Shutday, by which I mean Sunday, and I have to plan my days accordingly. Over here, it’s every man for himself on the Lord’s day – you have to make your own entertainment. Generally, though, my days consist of job searching, watching tv, sewing and reading magazines. And blogging, as you can tell! Today I have some more photos of Luxembourg for you :) Our first day there was fun and ridiculous (did you see the photos?), but we didn’t formally visit any of the historically significant sights the country has to offer, so on Sunday we did just that. The weather was still gloomy and a little damp, but not enough to send us running for cover like we had the previous afternoon.

The viewpoint from above the casemates

 Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before we were navigating the underground tunnels and caverns of the casemates. It’s hard to imagine the men working away to hollow out the living rock, chipping away at the stone bit by bit until they had an entire stronghold in the cliff face, complete with stairwells, drainage systems and cannons!

I wonder how many cubic feet of rock had to be removed from this place?

 When faced with so much unfathomable stuff, it has to be said that my usual reaction is to be silly. And luckily for you guys, Grant’s reaction to me being silly tends to be to get out the camera and snap away. Actually, that’s a little inaccurate: the camera is always out, and that’s probably why I act up in the first place. Because what says cute, cool and badass all at the same time like using ancient relics as stunt props? Nothing, that’s what.

What is she up to with that cannon?

Oh right, of course.

It wasn’t just the interior of the casemates that amazed me, though. Those soldiers may have worked their hands to stumps hollowing the whole thing out, but they were well rewarded: the view from that place is fascinating. The city is set out on several different levels due to its location on the edge of the Luxembourg plateau: there’s even a public service lift to take you between Haute Ville and Grund! Which isn’t all that surprising when you consider that, according to my good friend and ally Wikipedia, while the lowest part of the city is 230m (750 ft) above sea level, the highest part is a lofty 402m (1,319 ft) tall!

Can you spot me? (Hint: I’m high up).

Unfortunately, when we wandered back into the centre for some more pining after the products in the windows, the closed shutters and tumbleweed reminded us that it was in fact Sunday. We were reduced to an American chain place for lunch, and made it to the Casino art gallery to catch a weird exhibition on body image before heading back to the hostel to grab our things and get the train home. It was a shame that we didn’t get to visit more of the attractions, but aside from time and money limitations, we were really more focused on spending time having fun together – remember that this was only our second full day together in three months! An epic adventure it was not – maybe some other time we’ll make it to those castles, a few museums and the war cemeteries – but a romantic weekend away it most certainly was, and that was just what we needed.

Sometimes this boy scares the crap out of me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have fun, productive and successful weeks ahead of you :)

Lots of love,





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6 responses to “Episode Sixty Three – European Sundays

  1. I can’t believe you don’t consider Luxembourg an ‘epic adventure’ – that’s precisely what it was!

    • Oh dear. Well I mean, think of it in terms of our 3-week backpacking trip around Costa Rica and I think you’ll agree THAT was an epic adventure and this was a fun, romantic and wonderful weekend away.

  2. stevesw

    Nice post and photos. I still remember my first visit and the magnificent view…however, I never tried reclining on a canon.

  3. That cannon is pretty cool! :-)

    I love all the history oozing from Luxembourg . . . it makes me want to do research to learn more.

  4. Reblogged this on Steve_Bro and commented:
    My city is amazing

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