Saturday Spotlight Seventeen – 5k on 5/5!

Welcome, readers, and happy 5,000-page-views day!

Yes, today I passed the milestone of 5,000 page views on my blog. Hooray! That’s not all that impressive for a 2-year-old blog, but I’m proud of it, and since probably about 500 of those come from the entire first year, I’m staying positive :P Who knows, I may even start getting big-headed and feel qualified to post some blogging tips on here soon. Haha.

I don’t expect many people will be taking me up on the idea of renaming today ‘The Day Of Five Thousand Views’, especially since for many of my readers it already has another name: Cinco de Mayo! Personally, I think everyone all over the world should celebrate Cinco de Mayo, because a) who says no to an excuse for a margarita party, and b) where would we be without Mexico? Can you imagine a world without burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, chimichangas and all the other myriad wonders that this beautiful nation has brought to us? Me neither. So in honour of Cinco de Mayo, I’ll be sharing some cooking and craft projects from around the net, all of which are inspired by the Estados Unidos Mexicanos. ¡Ándale!

I might even go ahead and make these for dinner tonight.

1. Smoky Fish Tacos from Can You Stay For Dinner?

Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called How Many Fish Tacos Did Grant And Megan Eat In Costa Rica?* It comes as no surprise that fish tacos are the most popular Mexican food in the Caribbean: everything here is so fishy that I had trouble finding things for my vegetarian mother to eat when she came to visit. I can see why: seafood there is SO DAMN GOOD. So damn good, in fact, that I can still recall the juicy, luscious, perfectly-balanced spicy taste to this day (I’m not sure which specific taco this taste belongs to: if I had to guess, I’d say Sancho’s in Manuel Antonio). I know this isn’t supposed to be about Costa Rica, it’s supposed to be about Mexico, but in spite of my adoration of the country I’ve never actually been so this is the closest I can get. Do splurge on some top quality fish for this one: it still won’t be Caribbean, but it’ll make all the difference.

*If you guessed ‘a lot’, you win: congratulations. Yes, all the ‘games’ I come up with are this simple.

You might get some weird warning sign when you click this, but don’t worry: it’s just because it’s a WordPress site without ‘wordpress’ in the URL.

2. Frozen Hibiscus Margaritas from Pretty Girls Cook

I’m sure you can find a margarita recipe anywhere on the internet, and I’m not here to state the obvious, so here’s a nice twist: hibiscus-flower margaritas! And she has a brilliant tip for making sure you get the right icy texture without being too watery, as well. Hibiscus flower just has such an exotic feel to it, so why the hell not offer two margarita options at your Cinco de Mayo party?!

I am humbled by the inventive skills of my comrades in the crafting world.

3. Piñata Cookies from She Knows

Alright, just take a look at this one. Now do a double-take. That’s right, somebody really did take the idea of a piñata and turn it into a cookie. I WISH I WERE THE DAUGHTER OF THIS PERSON. Now, I’m going to be honest and say I suspect that the picture exaggerates just how many M&Ms you could fit inside one of these bad boys, but who even cares? This may well be one of the best ideas in the history of mankind. Take inspiration from this, readers: if you love something enough – if you really truly love it with all your heart and soul – you can make it into a cookie and serve it at a party.

I would keep this on my walls all year round, if I ever got around to making one.

4. Sugar Skull Pin Art from Twig and Thistle

I’ve always thought pin art was a really cool medium, and I’ve also always thought sugar skulls were the coolest. I don’t know what it is about either of these things that really captures my attention, but I do know that this is the perfect combination of two of my favourite crafty things. The colours, the intricate designs, the use of embroidery floss, the originality of it all… what’s not to love? I am totally making this one day, I swear. And when I do, it’ll be sticking around, because I expect it’ll take forever.

I’d never even heard of an Ojo de Dios before reading this post, but now it feels like it belongs on my wall.

5. Ojos de Dios from the Etsy blog

I think the colours and the angles in Ojos de Dios (God’s Eyes) are so impressive, I expect the only way to own anything of this quality would be to buy one from the seller who wrote the tutorial. Still, I’d love to give it a try, using the detailed instructions and suggestions he includes in the post, and maybe even one of his DIY kits! I can only imagine the years of experience you’d need to build up in order to achieve such an affinity for choosing harmonious colours and varying the different angles and layers of design. They really make you think about all the possibilities of handmade crafts, from the complex metalworking to simple yarn-wrapping; and the potential of the ‘simple’ techniques to form incredibly complex and beautiful products. I <3 Mexico!

Yes, I realise that to post all these things ON Cinco de Mayo is probably not the best timing, but I’m sure at least a couple of these could be whipped up in not much time and with few supplies: and besides, who says the fiesta has to be over? I say make it into a Cinco de Mayo weekend – Saturday for whipping up all these fun things, and Sunday for celebrating with them :P

Happy Cinco de Mayo and have a great weekend!





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4 responses to “Saturday Spotlight Seventeen – 5k on 5/5!

  1. Oh wow, can you believe that I forgot it was Cinco de Mayo?? I knew it was May 5th but I forgot what that means! What kind of person am I? I guess it’s the abysmal Edinburgh weather/ the fact that I’ve spent my last five days either at work all day or in the library all day (can’t decide which one is worse). :(

    But that’s enough of my Jenny novel! These recipes/crafts all look divine! How good do fish tacos sound right now? That’s so cool that you had authentic Caribbean seafood at your fingertips, I bet that was an awesome experience!

    • Haha, yes I can believe it – but then, I didn’t even know Cinco de Mayo was a thing until recently. You Americans have so many holidays! Yeah, the food on the east coast was incredible. I ate nothing but fish for a week!

  2. Congrats on hitting 5,000! :-) Way to go!

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