Saturday Spotlight Nine: My Crafty Valentine

From one holiday to another: today I’m going to play right into your hands with a predictable Valentine-themed post. Grant has pinky-promised me (over Skype, of course, but I’m holding him to it!) that he won’t read this, so I’m free to share with all my other devoted readers what I would love to have waiting for him when he comes to visit. Bear in mind that this is totally all for me. Grant’s not a mushy guy, but I am certainly mushy enough for both of us. I can’t help it – I’m going overboard this year.

Plus, maybe by setting a good example I can train him to do such lovely mooshy things for me somewhere down the line :P

This great combination of wire and embroidery techniques comes from Camilla Fabbri at Family Chic.

This next project is actually something I found last year, but I couldn’t make it happen because when we belatedly celebrated Valentine’s Day together, I was the one visiting him; and the project isn’t super portable. This year we won’t be seeing each other on Valentine’s Day (again…), but when he does get here, we’ll be celebrating our anniversary as well (The Big Two!!), so I’m going to use some romantic license and bundle the two events into one.

Who else could have designed this totally OTT and utterly awesome valentine than Martha Stewart herself?

I’m going to try and get this project made ASAP, because then I’ll be more ready to buy the things I’ll need to fill it with. Anything suitably themed, sized and priced is a contender, as long as it’s red, pink, white, or black (I don’t think black is an official Valentine’s Day colour; but I think it might take the girly edge off at least a little).

It’s not just about buying things, though. I’ve seen a great deal of lovey-dovey craft projects from my favourite blogs and pinners, and I’m raring to get started. I recently learned to crochet and would love to put my new skills to good use. My interest was piqued by these paper valentines with crocheted edges, but then I started thinking about what to do with all the leftover wool… you know how it is. So I did a quick Google search for tiny crochet love-hearts and found this. Perfect, right?

Owlishly's free pattern for these adorable 'corazoncitos' even comes in three size options!

I like the simplicity of the hearts, but I wanted to make some more personal gifts, too. Grant’s alma mater USC had a student bar called The Lab, which was science-themed and totally badass. I tend to buy science-related gifts for him when I find them, like beaker-shaped coffee mugs and blood-cell soap, as a reference to his favourite bar in L.A. So when I found this tutorial for a Love Transfusion valentine, I was totally up for it – until I realised you need a heat sealer :( If you have one of those, all the other ingredients should be easy to find.

I wonder if I would have found the necessary Hubba Bubba squeeze pop so easily here in France...

Finally, I’m thinking I’ll add a couple of food-themed things in there as well. I’d be more than happy to buy a couple of big bags of multi-coloured candy just for the reds and pinks: I’ll find a way of taking care of the other colours… I also saw some macarons in the window at Paul’s during my trip to the centre-ville, and resolved to include some of France’s most refined sugary treats in my Valentine’s offering too. I’ll have to bide my time and pick those up later though: they won’t keep for long. And neither will any of the recipes I’m thinking of making myself, such as this awesomely simple fudge recipe. I have a great deal of organising to do if I want the tasty treats to come out fresh! The things I do for love…

Two-ingredient pink strawberry fudge!

Anyway, I’m sure that’s enough gooey Valentine’s lurve for you. As this week’s Saturday Spotlight is a little late (sorry!), you have two days to grab your supplies, construct a heart-shaped box and fill it with treats for your special someone, or someones – it would be so easy to adapt this to a girly night-in anti-valentine!

I’ll be seeing you :)





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2 responses to “Saturday Spotlight Nine: My Crafty Valentine

  1. Gerard Madill

    Hi Megan – a lovely post. It must be really tough for you to be apart from Grant so much and at this time in particular. I really admire your positive spirit, Megan. Like the blog title – sounds like a song!
    All my love,

  2. I’m all warm and fuzzy after reading this post! My husband aren’t huge on Valentine’s Day, but we do love doing little sweet things for one another throughout the year. I may have to borrow some of these ideas!

    p.s. I’m getting ready to make that paper heart mobile – I can’t wait to put it together!

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