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Out of Office Note

Hi everyone!

I am really sorry to put so little effort into this, but a bunch of stuff has been going on lately what with the end of term etc. and I haven’t managed to upload the posts that I’ve written out. I meant to have two Saturday Spotlights and another post ready and queued to be published while I’m gone, but it just hasn’t happened and I’m sorry. So, unfortunately I probably won’t be posting for another week or so. Once I get back, Grant is coming so I’ll do my best to keep up… but you know what it’s like when we’re together.

Long story short, I guess you can consider this a hiatus of 1½-3 weeks from the blog: it makes me feel really weird to say it because it’s been a long time since I’ve posted that infrequently, but I’ll be acquiring many things to write about because as you may have noticed from my bold type face, I am going on holiday!!!! That’s right, my friend Nicole and I are going to Italy for the winter break from classes: she’s already hanging out in Milan but I had some classes today I didn’t want to miss (how scholarly of me, I know) so I stayed behind an extra couple of days. I’ll be meeting her in Florence for some beautiful Tuscany goodness and then we’re off to Rome for some historical contemplation. Our bus (that’s right, bus : /) back to Strasbourg leaves from Milan so we’ll have a full day there too before getting back home at 5am on Monday, just in time for classes!!!!

I don’t really have classes on Monday, I don’t start until Tuesday, I’m not crazy.

So, yes, I’m going to Italy for a bit and then the love of my life is coming to visit me in Strasbourg where I live, so I’m feeling pretty awesome about my life right now, even if I am exhausted and have a 13-hour coach ride ahead of me. I do apologise for the upcoming lack of attention you’ll all be receiving: I hope you can all understand. Oh, and I’m really hoping I’ll be able to churn out another post for the PinAddicts challenge on the first Monday of the month, as usual.

And by ‘as usual’, I mean, ‘for the second time’.

Ok, peace out lovies! I’ll be back with lots of wondrous photos for you and shit :D


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Saturday Spotlight Ten – Apps That Made Me A Better Person

Hello readers! Have you all had excellent weeks?

I had a very busy day today: my Tarot group met at midday and I had to teach the complicated rules, in French, to two new joueurs; then I cooked soupe à l’ognon and ganache for some friends, after which Nicole and I were so sick of French food that we had to book a week-long trip to Italy to escape it all. Yes, it’s February, but I have a week off classes and I intend to make good use of it!

Now, here’s something about me you might not know because I haven’t had cause to mention it: I love apps. It amazes me how they can be so cheap yet sophisticated, simple to use yet intricately designed. There are probably millions of apps out there and I’m sure half of them are useless, but these ones in particular deserve a spotlight because they go beyond ‘useful to have around’: these apps have truly enabled me in many ways to be the sort of person I want to be. Does it reflect badly on me that I need an app in order to grow and evolve as a human being? Possibly. But the apps really are great.

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Sledding a Volcano

Did you guys know that I’ve also been blogging for the Raxa Collective? Well, if I had a penny for the number of times I’ve written, redrafted and posted something over there and then thought ‘It’s not worth going through all that on my own blog just to come up with the same thing’… (insert unnecessary end of metaphor nobody needs to hear). And I really feel like all my posts should be available in the same place, so I’m going to be reblogging some of the posts I’ve written for the Raxa Collective so you can all see everything I’ve written, all in one place! Omg how great is that!

Here’s my first post for them, about my trip to Nicaragua with Ixqui back in November. Enjoy! (And if you’ve already read it, sorry for the repeat!)

Love and kisses,
M. xox

La Paz Group

One volcano-related assumption which I’ve had to let go of since arriving in Central America is that a volcano is a volcano.

Anyone who grows up in Scotland knows that mountains are not just ‘mountains’. There are mountains, but there are also ranges, hills, Bens, and Munroes. There are the kind that, although tall, the fitter of us can walk up without much in the way of equipment; there are others which may be smaller but are impassable unless you really know what you’re doing.

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Saturday Spotlight Nine: My Crafty Valentine

From one holiday to another: today I’m going to play right into your hands with a predictable Valentine-themed post. Grant has pinky-promised me (over Skype, of course, but I’m holding him to it!) that he won’t read this, so I’m free to share with all my other devoted readers what I would love to have waiting for him when he comes to visit. Bear in mind that this is totally all for me. Grant’s not a mushy guy, but I am certainly mushy enough for both of us. I can’t help it – I’m going overboard this year.

Plus, maybe by setting a good example I can train him to do such lovely mooshy things for me somewhere down the line :P

This great combination of wire and embroidery techniques comes from Camilla Fabbri at Family Chic.

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PinAddicts Challenge, February 2012

Hi everyone. Good weekend?


A few weeks back I came across this blog post about the PinAddicts challenge, and I thought “Fantastic! I’m not the only one out there who bookmarks dozens of cool craft projects and never realizes any of them!” So I signed up on the spot.

The basic idea is super simple, although I’m not all that clear on the ins and outs of the blogging part of it. You just pick one thing that you’ve pinned, every month, and make it. Then I think you blog about it and link to the original post. Which is what I’m doing now! I’d already made my geometric shape garland when I moved in, but it was about time to cross something else off the list. Continue reading


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Saturday Spotlight Eight – Brilliant Christmas Gifts

It’s Saturday again: I can hardly believe it! The week sure does fly by when you only have class two days out of seven… :P

I’ve been thinking of writing about this for a while, but wasn’t sure how. Then I realised, I could do a Saturday Spotlight about it! You see, at Christmas I got a bunch of amazing gifts I was really excited about, for various reasons. I got a really cool Scratch Map from Grant, some delicious shower gels and some cozy cozy slippers, and I am loving them all : ) But the ones I found myself saying ‘Thank goodness I have this!’ are, above all, the ones that I find really, really useful. And though of course all my family and friends know how much I appreciate their gifts, I wanted to gush a little more about how glad I am to have so many people around me who know just what I want and need : )

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Episode Fifty Five – What Paris did to me

The only thing missing from the view from the Eiffel Tower…

Can you see the shadow of what's not here?

…is the Eiffel Tower itself.

I think Paris might just have given me an epiphany. You see, I think this one observation, however small and obvious, kind of embodies how I’ve felt about quite a lot of my life: especially last semester in Costa Rica. As the idea of moving abroad towered over me, I admired it, I dreamed up mental pictures of how it would be – me in a hammock drinking from a coconut, or shopping for mangoes at a local market, etc. – just like I admired and photographed Eiffel’s creation on that chilly Sunday afternoon in Paris.

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