Saturday Spotlight Six – Sprucing Up Strasbourg!

Hello, hello, hello.

I’m in a very good mood because today I am off to Germany! That’s right, this place is so near the border that I can actually go to one small town on the other side using my public transport pass for Strasbourg! So, we’re going to pop over to Germany for some cake and coffee, maybe wander around a little, and then come back all in time for dinner. And I have a Skype date tonight with my favourite man, so I’m feeling pretty upbeat.

CRAFTzine does it again! This would be perfect to spruce up my new Strasbourg place.

So here’s what I want to talk to you about. Grant and I weren’t around much at my mum’s house this Christmas, so when he had left and I came home for some much-needed comfort and many cups of tea, I was very disappointed to find Mum already taking down the Christmas decorations. I begged her to keep them up, that the whole Twelfth Night thing was a load of old codswallop and I didn’t understand why she was so worried about it when she’s not even superstitious. Well, recently my mum’s central heating broke down in the height of winter (then again later that same day after the man had supposedly fixed it), my grandma’s skylight was blown in, spraying shattered glass all over two hallways and the stairs; and my mum hit a deer and wrote off the car, leaving her transport-less for a couple of weeks while she agonized over what to buy as a replacement. ‘I’m not going to chance any more bad luck,’ she said.

If you attach these to those plain white Christmas lights, it's totally non-Christmassy and still gorgeous!

Fair enough, I suppose. So while I was decidedly not helping with her efforts to get the decorations down, what I was doing was reading my favourite blogs. I found a tutorial for a very cute, very colourful, very geometric garland, and I decided I was going to enlist my little brother’s help in making it as a way of cheering myself up about the departure of the Christmas decor. Turns out, the project was too advanced for a 10-year-old, due to the need for accuracy, scoring, and not cutting off essential parts of the nets. However, I did some of it for him, in nice, bright colours, and then took some card away with me so I could make myself one, too.

Look what I found over on Mini Eco! Can you spell 'Platonic Solids Garland'?

You see, after having stayed in Jenny‘s magnificently crafty haven of a room  over the Christmas break, I was struck by the realisation that I never properly ‘settle in’ to places. Maybe part of the reason I feel so adrift, like nowhere is home, since I started uni is that I don’t personalise my rented spaces, because I see them as… well, rented spaces. I’ll put up a picture or two, but I don’t make it mine the way Jenny has always done with her rooms. So I brought plenty of nice things to put around my new pad in Strasbourg (more on that later) and I also bookmarked a few craft projects (most of which probably came from CRAFTzine) so that I could begin to feel like I’d invested in my (temporary) home.

I love the whimsical designs of the feathers on this thing. Quite a low-commitment project, too!

It’s working! I’m only half-way through making the geometric garland, but along with some special touches (which, ironically enough, were free gifts from other people), I am slowly making it more and more Megan. I’m really hoping to host a Tarot club (the French card game, not the fortune-telling thing) in my flat, and I’m beginning to get really excited at the prospect of showing the place off to visitors. I’m happy with what I’m doing with it. After the garland, I think I’ll maybe try the heart mobile – I bought a copy of Le Monde newspaper but it’s too big and rustly to read on the tram because people get annoyed when I try. I downloaded the Kindle version (I <3 my Kindle) and I think I’ll use the paper one to make those hearts! The other projects will be further down the line, and I don’t think I’ll be doing the one with the roses because I doubt I’d find coffee filters here in café-au-lait-land, but if I have the time, I’d love to make every single one of these!

I'm looking specifically at the wire-wrapping technique, here. So many possibilities!

This is why I love the blogosphere. And why I love crafts! It’s such an open, sharing world, and I can’t wait until I have my own, permanent home so I can have a bulging hoard of supplies to delve into whenever anything like this pops to mind. For now though, I have to catch my bus to Germany! Auf wiedersehn à tous ;)

Lots of crafty, European love,





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5 responses to “Saturday Spotlight Six – Sprucing Up Strasbourg!

  1. I am LOVING that paper heart mobile. I’m already trying to figure out how to make it for my writing room. :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Germany!! Please post pics!! :-)

    • It would be a fantastic inspiration thing, wouldn’t it? If you need the tutorial just click the image and I think it takes you to CRAFTzine’s post which has ANOTHER link to the tutorial itself. It looks pretty simple – I don’t have a heart-shaped punch or a sewing machine, but I’ll make do :P

      • I don’t have a heart punch either, but I’ll bet I could make a template and cut them out by hand. I’m thinking of making it like a curtain I can hang across my window. :-)

        I’m going to click on that link right now . . . .

  2. Everything is so inspiring! Thanks for the room love; I definitely could not survive or learn to feel at home without a 100% tailored-to-me environment. I’m sure you will agree this semester too! Starting with your awesome pink giraffe! :)

    Write a post about Germany! Which town did you go to?

    • Thanks, Jenny : )
      We only just hopped over the border to a very small town called Kehl. I had lots of fun but didn’t take any pictures because all we really did was have lunch in the mall’s food court and then buy a hair dryer and stuff :P The town itself wasn’t all that pretty or impressive, so there’s not much to blog about I’m afraid. Sometime, though, I’ll go visit Germany for real and blog to my heart’s content! :P

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