Saturday Spotlight Five – Restaurant Faves in Edinburgh

Hi everyone.

For those of you in Scotland right now, I hope nothing horrible happened to any of your possessions. I believe there have been remarkably few injuries and no deaths so far, so that’s nice. Hope all your trampolines are still where you left them and that.

If the predicted snow is anything like last year, our arrival date may be subject to change...

So I’m coming home in five days!!!! Can you believe it?!? I’m pretty much at peace with all that now. I hope I can come back here someday, as I know I would receive a warm welcome, and I’m not very good at indefinite goodbyes so I’ll keep it at a ‘maybe once I’m a hotshot interpreter for NASA or something’.

Do NASA need interpreters? I don’t speak any alien languages, or Russian, after all.

In these weird limbo days when I’m not working but I can’t travel due to my visual difficulties, Grant and I have spent some time planning our Christmas reunion. Last night we made a list of our favourite restaurants in Edinburgh, and we hope to eat in the majority of them while we’re in town. So this week’s Saturday spotlight is for all you who live in, or plan on visiting one day, the unbeatable city of Edinburgh, which I’m currently pining for after all that crazy Scottish weather it just got hit by.

Grant and Megan’s Top 5 Restaurants in Edinburgh

1. The Sheep’s Heid Inn

The food here is a little expensive for our student pockets, but it’s all relative! Great sandwiches, great pie and an atmosphere that reminds you it’s Scotland’s oldest public house make Duddingston’s gem a cozy and luxurious retreat from the city.

The interior of this place made us feel transported back in time.

2. Monster Mash

The service here seems to get slower every time we go, and we haven’t forgotten the waiter’s snarky ‘quite the gentleman’ comment that one time he ‘caught’ Grant sliding the bill my way; but the mix and mash (ho ho ho) of ever-enticing options for your sausage, gravy and tatties are too good to pass up. Best, heartiest, most wholesome comfort food in the Bristo Square area. That is, if ‘wholesome’ means what I think it means. Which I think it does.


3. Red Fort

The little service required can be lengthy here too, and expect the ice cream included in the deal to be freezer-burned (or choose tea or coffee instead); but as a lowly student, there’s nothing better than stuffing yourself with all-you-can-eat poppadums, chutneys, naans, and a delicious selection of curries; proudly slapping down your matric. card on the table to claim your special students’ price of £6.50 (£7.50 for non-students) and telling yourself ‘I deserved that’.

4. Mother India

From our university residence of Robertson’s Close, my friends and I would pass the air vents of Mother India every morning on the way to class, and drool over the wafting scents of fragrant buttery chicken and fresh lemony pakora…

Communicating with Mother India’s waiting staff is occasionally challenging, but their award-winning tapas-style dishes solve my eternal struggle in choosing Indian food. Order all five between friends! (This is especially feasible thanks to their wide range of tastes and multitude of vegetarian options).

I don't have any photos of Mother India : ( But this is how we felt after eating there!

5. My Big Fat Greek Kitchen

The friendly, fresh atmosphere of this family-run kitchen is enough to draw you back even if somehow the food doesn’t have you craving more within a week. The dishes range from light and citrusy bites to dense, aromatic moussaka. Grant insists that you don’t order ‘that stuff wrapped in vine leaves’, which I’ll admit confused and challenged my palate too: if you want real, juicy, big fat Greek food, though, order this or anything else on the menu and you’ll feel the authenticity ringing through your bones long after the (moderate) bill is paid.

The more time I spend on this post the more eager I become to visit these places, so I think I’ll leave it there for now and go for my lunch of rice and beans. In five days, though, I’ll be back and ready to dine to my heart’s content!  If you live in the area and haven’t sampled these places, really do try them because they are all top dollar. Or top… pound?

Lots of love and see you all soon!!!!!!





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7 responses to “Saturday Spotlight Five – Restaurant Faves in Edinburgh

  1. Great list! Have been to 4 of the 5 (all except Monster Mash) and whole-heartedly agree with your descriptions! Nice throwback with the photo too! Ahhh can’t wait to have you here (if only for the little while our paths will cross). We’ve now moved from wind to snow. WUTF? Not even nice, snowy snow. Just wet, slushy snow. It is nice to wake up to, though.

    Lots of love and see you soon!

    P.S. I know I’m not imagining this: I keep seeing little white dots (much like snowflakes, actually) floating across the screen, only on this blog. They float on top of words and pictures. If you know what I’m talking about you’ll instantly know… But if you don’t, I will sound CRAZAY. Does ANYONE know what I’m talking about here? anyone… anyone…

  2. Ahhhh OK, that makes a lot of sense now. Thought I was going crazy! :) it’s really cute now I know what it is.

  3. If you haven’t been already, I’d recommend the Dogs restaurant, bashed on Hanover Street and Rose Street. There is the original Dogs, an Italian and a Seafood restaurant, all with vege options and great variety. Simple food with great flavours, and excellent value. I love the Sheep’s Heid but have had terrible service there which put me off, despite the bowling alley.

    • Haha, it’s funny you should mention that. The morning after we’d finished making the list, Grant pointed out that we hadn’t put the Dogs one on there. I liked Dogs, but I found they have quite a restricted menu. I do love their style though – and their bread!

      And wow – I didn’t even know there was a bowling alley at the Sheep’s Heid! Our service their has always been crisp too, come to think of it; but we’ve never had anything to put us off going back.

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving some input : )

  4. Hello dahling,

    Just posted my liebster blog post! go check it out ;)

  5. I’ll make sure to try some of those places! Here are another couple recommendations for you when in Edinburgh :)

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