Saturday Spotlight Four – Meine Lieblingsblogs

Note: If any of my Allophonic readers would like to correct my German definite article use, I’d be grateful. Danke.

Wait… Isn’t an allophone something else? Jenny, I need your help!

So today I’m going to write my Saturday Spotlight on Wednesday, and keep it for later. Why? Because on Wednesday (today for me, three days ago for you), I received yet another boost to my blogging confidence. The first was that I was invited to be a contributor to a much bigger and more widely-read blog than my own, Raxa Collective, to which I’ll probably be posting again on Saturday (today for you, in three days for me).

But Wednesday? What happened on Wednesday? Well, I received an email notifying me of a new post from one of the blogs I enthusiastically follow here on WordPress. I’m sorry to say it took me until she was Freshly Pressed to find her; but the point is, I did, and she regularly posts things that I truly identify with, things that give me new insight, or even things that have saved my skin (paper bag art journals ftw!). Wentworth shares my passions for travel, learning and creativity, and writes about things I had never thought to think about before. It’s a wonderfully complementary blogging relationship!

Apparently it’s a symbiotic relationship too – as is so frequent in the blogging world, people help each other out, credit each other and share with the rest of the community. And it just so happens that on Wednesday (today), C.B. Wentworth published an entry about her favourite blogs. And guess who had the honour of receiving a mention? That’s right: Yours Truly : )

The Liebster award is a simple concept. If you receive one, you pass it on to five more blogs which merit it in your eyes. Did I mention there’s a sticker, too?

So, without further ado, here is my list of my Lieblingsblogs (or lieblingsbloggen?). Do give them a visit, and if you’re one of them, do give yourself a pat on the back.

Pearlswirl Journals on Blogspot: Not only is Jenny a long-time, dear friend of mine; she has also literally been an inspiration to me. We lived together during our first two years of university, and have a great deal in common, including a love for all things linguistic and all things creative. Jenny’s blog not only gives me little snippets of her everyday life and her international relationship with her Italian man (LDR buddies!); she also posts punchy tutorials on her creative projects, envy-inducing pictures from her latest jetsets (next up: Shanghai), and updates on her Etsy shop, PearlSwirl, where she sells a host of fantastic jewellery in a diverse range which still retains its Jenniness. Oh, and her lists of Eleven Things always crack me up. Love you long time, Jens!

I am the proud owner of a pair of these beautiful Ballet Slipper Earrings, probably my favourite item in the Pearlswirl shop.

Eat Live Run must have quite a large following already – it has its own domain name and everything! – but who says that means it doesn’t deserve credit? It’s a one-woman blog, written by a girl who has a bunch of experience in the culinary department, and she shares recipes and reflections with a voice that’s always bursting with excitement and joy.

Eek! Making It Lovely offers such useful content, so beautifully presented.

Making It Lovely: another ‘Big Daddy’ blog I’m always excited to get new entries from is written by Nicole, who is in the process of doing up her new bungalow and… well, making it lovely. She’s won super prestigious awards for her design taste and her insightful tutorials, but I want to share a more personal award with her: Making It Lovely is a blog that I truly look forward to reading, and while I probably won’t direct more than a couple of readers her way, I just want to tell her a personal ‘Great job’ from one of the many people who read and love her work.

Gennine's image header in itself is enough to lighten my mood.

Gennine’s Art Blog on Blogspot makes me happy just to glance at in the morning. It’s beautifully presented, briefly written and full of images to put a spring in your step. Gennine’s illustrations are intricate and adorable, and her media are so sweet – she likes to decorate dried leaves and pebbles, and also makes a lot of detailed rubber stamps. If you’re feeling down with the winter weather and need some darling eye-candy, look no further. Gennine’ll sort you out.

C.B. Wentworth: finally (only ‘finally’ because I gushed so much about her earlier), C.B. Wentworth is always intriguing and inspiring me with new posts about travel, life lessons, reading, writing and creating. So, congratulations to C.B. for earning not one but three (as of today, Wednesday) Liebster awards: and a great big thank you too, for passing on the love to A Trail Of Breadcrumbs. I already mentioned to her the flurry of confusion that went through my brain when I saw my title up there – I didn’t mention how I squealed and attempted to share the experience with my Spanish-speaking colleagues. It was a little awkward.

Wentworth's post 'The Best Souvenirs Are Free' was Freshly Pressed back in August - I can see why!

So, this week’s Saturday Spotlight focused on the people whose words help me get up in the morning, and whose titles my heart jumps to see in bold in my Google Reader. I’m always yammering on in my marketing workshops about how great the blogosphere is and how both reading and writing blogs can be such a fantastic experience. Here in Costa Rica most people don’t even know what a blog is, but I’m doing my best to introduce them to the concept because I know that without sharing in the joys, trials and accomplishments of bloggers such as these, my life simply wouldn’t be the same.

Say what you want about the Internet destroying people’s minds. To me, you are what you read: and I am proud to read these quirky, funny, wise and informative pieces of art every day and night. It’s helped me work out who I am, and I quite like me.

Check ’em out, and if I tagged you, share the lurve!

Peace, love and cuddles,




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6 responses to “Saturday Spotlight Four – Meine Lieblingsblogs

  1. You’re so sweet. Thanks for the Liebster love. :-)

    I cannot wait to check out the links you’ve highlighted!! If you’re gushing about these sites, they are sure to be amazing.

  2. I am honored Megan :-) Thank you so much for your sweet word, they totally made my day!

  3. Yes thanks indeed!! This is sooo sweet and a lovely start to the day! I am on my way to check out the other blogs and probably spend too long getting distracted by their beauty! :)

    Oh and yeah, you are indeed using allophone wrong. :p :p

  4. Colm

    Hey, that’s great! Could you please reply to my email from Thursday? Trying to sort out my Christmas shopping and that. Thaaaaaaaaaaanks! x

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