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Episode Fifty One – Home For Christmas

Hi everyone, and happy Christmas, Hannukah or whatever other celebrations you may be involved in!

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted in a long time – again. I didn’t post for a while before I came home from Costa Rica, and since then it’s been Christmas central around here so I’m only just now sitting down with my computer to give you all the love and attention you deserve :P

This is how it feels to be Home For Christmas.

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Saturday Spotlight Five – Restaurant Faves in Edinburgh

Hi everyone.

For those of you in Scotland right now, I hope nothing horrible happened to any of your possessions. I believe there have been remarkably few injuries and no deaths so far, so that’s nice. Hope all your trampolines are still where you left them and that.

If the predicted snow is anything like last year, our arrival date may be subject to change...

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Episode Fifty – The Last Months Of My Life (Part 6)

Do you see how easy it was to suddenly bring my ‘Last Month Of My Life’ posts back into the realms of accurate titling? While I was happily parenthesising away and turning even my headlines into the grammatical equivalent of Ulysses – where else have you ever seen a title which contains a dash and TWO sets of brackets? – it turns out I could have just chucked an ‘s’ on at the end of ‘month’ and called it a day. Hindsight’s a bitch, as they say.

Shall I continue chatting about the syntax tree of today’s title, or would you rather I just got on wi- ok, ok! No need to shout, I’m getting to it!

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Saturday Spotlight Four – Meine Lieblingsblogs

Note: If any of my Allophonic readers would like to correct my German definite article use, I’d be grateful. Danke.

Wait… Isn’t an allophone something else? Jenny, I need your help!

So today I’m going to write my Saturday Spotlight on Wednesday, and keep it for later. Why? Because on Wednesday (today for me, three days ago for you), I received yet another boost to my blogging confidence. The first was that I was invited to be a contributor to a much bigger and more widely-read blog than my own, Raxa Collective, to which I’ll probably be posting again on Saturday (today for you, in three days for me). Continue reading


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