Saturday Spotlight Three – Christmas Card Inspirations

Hi everyone!

I mentioned that I was considering taking a trip to the Río Celeste or even the Osa Peninsula weekend; but it looks like I’ve gouged out a good portion of my left cornea and will instead be nursing that back to health (somehow..?). I can’t wear my contacts like this anyway, so I’d miss out on all the natural beauty even if I did suck it up and go.


To add insult to injury, if you’ll forgive me for saying so, it looks like I also have Top-Secret plans for next weekend too, which I’ll share with you once they’re over. Since my only other remaining weekend is my friend Esmeralda’s wedding, I may have to postpone my Osa trip to my last couple of days here – or cancel it all together if I’m expected to work half a week before my Wednesday flight.

You can buy these trees from GunnySackRace on Etsy (click image for link) - or just make your own using semi-circles.

I digress. This weekend is Black Friday etc., which means a Saturday Spotlight on gifts might seem most appropriate. However, that’s an area I’m reluctant to get into since gifts are so personal, and I only tend to offer a handful of links in these things so I think I’ll leave that to the many other blogs out there which are already coming up with tons of great ideas. There’s a lot of stuff on these lists which I, for one, would love to receive (hint hint).

This ingenious tutorial from FreckledNest on Typepad is not only easy to follow but also beautifully photographed to boot.

For now I’m going to stick with cards. I love the idea of sending out a batch of handmade cards to my loved ones, and I have some lovely warm childhood memories of sitting by the fire with my mum, whipping them up construction-line style to get them sent out in time.  (We did do that, right Mum? This sounds like the sort of memory I may have invented).

This doesn't come with a tutorial but it looks straightforward - I'd probably substitute the pearls for buttons.

So while I sit at home in a darkened room all weekend, weeping quietly and then weeping more from the pain caused by the first weeping; I invite you to peruse my collection of Christmas card tutorials and ideas, and encourage you to send out at least a few cards that have known the caring touch of your own deft hands.

This one would take a while to get sussed out, but I can imagine cranking out a dozen production-line style over a couple of nights.

Send them to your mum and dad. Send them to your grandparents. Pick a random address from the phone book and send one to a stranger. They say ’tis the season for a reason, you know.

Finally, this gorgeous card requires some quilling skills, and the tutorial costs $1.49 at; but so worth it, right?

That’ll be me for the day then. I hope I’ll manage to make a few cards once I get back to Scotland; if not, Grant and I will definitely have our hands tied with ornaments and gingerbread houses instead. In the meantime, I’ll be working (as ever) on bringing this blog up to date; and on preparing to come home!

Happy shopping this weekend, and warm Christmassy wishes to you all!





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4 responses to “Saturday Spotlight Three – Christmas Card Inspirations

  1. Oooh, what happened to your eye?? Also I’m definitely expecting a handmade Christmas card now… don’t let me down! :) :) :)

    • I think I must have scratched it while I was removing one of my contacts. I’m yet to get used to those things. As for the Christmas card, you may have to be patient – I can’t guarantee I’ll have time to make you one before I see you :P

  2. Gerard Madill

    Hi Megan – that looks/sounds awful. Will it be okay? Have you been to a doctor? Hope it gets better soon. Love, Dad xoxo
    PS I was at NUS Scotland’s 40th birthday party last night and lots of folk were asking after you, including Mike & Eve, Derek Munn and Sarah Boyack. They were very impressed to hear what you’ve been up to.

    • No, I haven’t been to a doctor because I’m not sure how to claim on my insurance. I decided if it didn’t improve today I’d go – but it’s feeling much better and the redness is slowly going down. That was nice of them to ask for me, and I’m glad to hear I’m impressive!

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