Episode Forty Seven – My Plans For This Weekend

I now have only four weekends left here in Costa Rica. Can you believe it? That wasn’t so long, was it?

I’m measuring in weekends because they’re pretty much my only chance to take advantage of being in Costa Rica. Don’t get me wrong – San Ramón is a lovely town, my coworkers are wonderful, and I enjoy my job and feel like it matters. However, while my daily life is nice here, it’s still daily life, and my weekends are when I can properly get out into the green of Costa Rica and feel like I’m really here.

I have spent many, many Saturdays so exhausted from a week’s work that I haven’t done a single productive thing all day. Sometimes it spills over into Sunday as well. While I’ve seen my fair share of the country and don’t feel too bummed out about that, with my imminent departure in mind I’ve been busy planning enough wee trips to ensure I go out with a bang, and some fresh adventurous memories to boot. In fact, my last weekend here (10th of December) will also be my friend Esmeralda’s wedding, so that’s some impressive timing right there! The two weekends between this one and then, I’m hoping to check out the Osa peninsula, supposedly the wildest of the wild; and either Puntarenas’ beach or the Río Celeste (or if I play my cards right, both?).

Oh, btw, I got my haircut, did I mention?

That leaves this weekend, then. Where am I off to? Nicaragua! On an 8-hour TicaBus. To sledge down the side of a volcano.

No, for real.

I saw Raxa Collective’s post on Freshly Pressed a couple of months ago, on the topic of tobogganing down the side of active volcano Cerro Negro; and I thought ‘I’m doing that’. And next week, I am. I was chatting with my boss’s daughter Ixqui, who just got back from the Dominican Republic not long after I arrived here; and when I mentioned that I’d like to see Nicaragua before I left, her immediate response was ‘¡Vamos!’. We’ve been batting the idea around in our heads for a while since then, and lately I pushed the issue a little more and she checked her cheerleading schedule, only to find that this weekend is the only one she can go. Now we have the hostel booked, our bus tickets reserved, and our meal planned (gallo pinto, taco in a bag and iced tea). Today I also discovered that our Nicaragua playlists are going to mesh really, really well. The following exchange took place in the office today:


Her: [singing along to Adele’s cover of ‘Love Song’ by The Cure] ¿Le gusta The Cure? (‘Do you like The Cure?’)

Me: ¡Sí! Es la música preferida de mi papá. ¡Él estaba en la escuela con The Cure! (Yes! That’s my dad’s favourite kind of music. He went to school with The Cure!)


Me: Sí, a él le encanta demasiado aquella música. A mí también me encanta. Creo que debería haber nacido en los años 70. (Yeah, he loves that sort of music so much. I love it too. I think I should have been born in the ’70s.)

Her: ¡Yo también! (Me too)

Me: ¿Usted conoce The Clash? (Do you know The Clash?)

Her: [enthusiastically] ¡Pues, sí! (Um, duh)

Me: ¿Usted conoce The Jam?

Her: [just as enthusiastically] ¡¡Sí!!

Me: ¿Usted conoce The Undertones?

Her: [even more enthusiastically] ¡Sí sí!


She then proceeded to play ‘Just Like Heaven’ three times.


This trip is going to be awesome.



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4 responses to “Episode Forty Seven – My Plans For This Weekend

  1. That sounds amazing!!! Have fun!! You should get back on facebook so we can see all the pics!

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  3. Gerard Madill

    Hi Megan, hope you had a great time. Your hair’s lovely. BTW. Love, Dad xoxo

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