Saturday Spotlight One: 5 Cool Giftwrap Ideas

I’ll admit it: I get a little carried away now and then.

Like, I’ll spend an entire afternoon looking at craft blogs, bookmarking projects and pinning things to either Crafts & DIY, For The Home, Oh The Parties I’ll Throw or a new board I had to create especially: Wrapping & Cards.

Do you know what any of this means? If not, I strongly suggest you get yourself over to and set up your account, stat.

Shall I start from the be-pinning?

My Web adventures led me to Sally J. Shim's gorgeous website. Click for link.

Pinterest is a fairly new site, similar to a social bookmarking site but more image-centric. You know how when you have a project on the go, you set up a corkboard and pin stuff to it for inspiration? For example, if you’re redecorating the front hall, you’ll pin up some paint chips, design magazine pages and, inevitably, clippings from the Ikea catalogue. Well, think of Pinterest as an upgrade of that idea. directs us to for these lovely gift tags.

You request an invite. You receive one, presumably. You’re given some ‘Boards’ automatically to get you started, such as ‘Products I Love’ and ‘Food and Cooking’. Then you get yourself the ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet which sits just below the address bar of your browser, and when you find a webpage with a picture that interests you, you pin it to one of your boards. This is done by clicking the ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet and selecting an image from the options that pop up. After that, you select a board for it to be pinned to, add a quick Tweet-like comment, and you’re done. The source is automatically credited in your pin, and you can quickly and easily Repin things from other people’s boards too.

Once you have a couple of boards and a few pins, you’ll begin to have notifications telling you that your Pins have been Repinned. It’s exciting! It’s like a little high-five and someone saying ‘Hey, you have great taste’. Then you can start checking out these people’s boards, Repinning them back, and Following a board or a user himself. You can browse for boards which match your tastes (how I wish they called it Surfboarding), such as the Crafts and DIY category, a.k.a. ‘How I got sucked in to 3 hours of Pinning frenzy today’. I am now Following three new boards, and my Google Reader is 3 feeds richer, too.

Stephanie Lynn has a modest and cute idea for the hostess gift.

I’m knee-deep in ideas for handmade Christmas gifts, giftwrap techniques and holiday decor projects; and justs as knee-deep in ways of bookmarking these pages for later. I try my best to consolidate everything on my account, but, predictably, I’m often too forgetful or lazy to tag them all. The result is, I have +1’d and starred posts on my Google account, Liked posts on my StumbleUpon, Liked and Repinned posts on my Pinterest, projects in my Ravelry queue, and some bookmarks in my browser as well as on the bookmarking site I mentioned, (which is actually super useful and by far the best way I’ve found of keeping track of my latest project squeezes). So, while I ‘wrap up’ sharing with you the afternoon’s giftwrap picks, I have two questions for you and I would just love it if you’d comment your reply below once you’re done reading.

This comes from Sally J Shim again - I love the simple elegance of her gifts.

1) Would you love it as much as I would if I did a weekly or fortnightly post like this, with my net faves?

2) Can you help me with my bookmarking dilemma? How do I consolidate all my bookmarked things in one place?

The girls from my recycling workshop would totally appreciate this one!

So there you have it: a few of my picks of wrapping styles from around the net, mixed inconspicuously in with some relevant observations. I think next Saturday I will do something on wreaths. I was never really a ‘wreath person’ (if such a thing exists) but since running into a bunch of the things on Pinterest lately, I am hooked. Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s Saturday Spotlight!

Lots of love and happy buildup-to-Christmas!




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5 responses to “Saturday Spotlight One: 5 Cool Giftwrap Ideas

  1. What cute and fun ideas! I love a handmade Christmas, right down to the wrapping. :-)

    p.s. Those felt wine wine bottle covers are absolutely adorable!

  2. I love everything! I am also making tons of awesome presents and will try to find environment-friendly and beautiful ways to package them. I am not going near pinterest though. It’s one of those things like stumbleupon that I will NEVER start because i know it won’t be good for my brain, my coursework, my social life or my complexion (as I would never see the sun).

    • Yeah, it’s dangerous, that’s for sure. I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘Stop Pinning, Start Doing’ things going on in the blogosphere and I’m totally going to jump on board… as soon as I get home from Costa Rica >_>

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