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Episode Thirty Eight – The Last Month of My Life (Part 2)

Hello again.

I know I only posted very recently, but truth be told, I don’t really like the way my super-long and pictureless rant looks at the top of my homepage. I’m not ashamed of it, and I stick by everything I said; however, it’s not really what you all want to be reading about, and it’s not really what I want you to be reading about, either. What I do want you to be reading about is the fantastic time that Grant and I had in La Fortuna! After Episode Thirty Seven, if you read it, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that we only spent three nights in La Fortuna and this will consequently be a short-ish blog post. And after all the times I’ve said that before, if you read them, you’ll probably be a little skeptical about the truth behind that statement. Read on and see! Continue reading


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Episode Thirty Seven – Why My Next Computer Will Not Be A Mac

Now, it’s not often that you’ll find one of my posts tagged with the keyword ‘technology’ but this is really less of a technological issue and more of a psychological, emotional, financial and general well-being related post. It takes the form of a letter.

[EDIT: Steve Jobs resigned as head of Apple Inc. on the same day as I published this, and especially since his early passing away I feel a little bad about the timing of this post. Please just remember while you read that at time of going to wordpress, he was still alive and kicking as CEO.] Continue reading


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Episode Thirty Six – The last month of my life (Part 1)

I was planning to begin this post with an apology. My pristine blogging system has gone quite down the drain in these last few weeks, and I was going to say that I’m so sorry for just copying out the running commentary that I kept in my lovely Liberty notebook as I was travelling. Continue reading


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Episode Thirty Five – Something New: Something Old.

Today I’m going to do something new with this blog: I’m going to post something old. Old pictures, to be precise. Not all of them are very old, but they all seem very much as though they’re from my past now. So this post will mostly be pictures and not many words: something new indeed! I was just looking back at all the pictures in my iPhoto library today, and feeling proud of my life up until now. Here are some photographs that made me stop and think ‘Well done us’.

Click the image to see the many other brilliant pictures from that night.

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Episode Thirty Four – The Capital of Costa Rica, Again

¡Hola a todos!

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I have some catching up to do, that’s for sure. I have a confession to make: my last few posts were queued and posted automatically according to a pre-determined schedule. I know, I know, something about that just seems like cheating to me too, but it was necessary to prevent another post-five-times-in-four-days-then-post-nothing-for-weeks scenario. Grant and I just could not justify taking my computer with us on our travels, so I left it behind and left my posts in WordPress’ hands. Anyway, where was I?

/Rhetorical question. Continue reading


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Episode Thirty Three – The Way to San José

The time we spent in Tortuguero felt like no time at all – probably because it wasn’t really any time at all. The community around us seemed to live in a different dimension in that respect: one the one hand, I felt like they were in slow motion compared with us, but on the other, one of their days seemed like nothing in the grand scheme of things. They seemed to plod languorously by the flip-flopped, hammocked permanent residents like the turtles we saw sliding to the sea: I guess ‘permanent’ is the word. There was a reassuring constance about the place – a sense that the community would shift and change only superficially, its roots and trunk remaining firmly grounded and secure. Continue reading

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