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Episode Twenty One – The Beginning

So tomorrow is my last exam, and it’s in Portuguese, and I’m ridiculously blasé about it.

As though I need an excuse to post on my blog.

I did need an excuse to get out of the flat, though. My days have been long and unstructured lately, and mostly spent within the white walls of my room; so I went out to buy a new notebook. Because I want to blog but I have also noticed that I have an unhealthy attachment to my computer: so I thought I’d start writing my blog posts by hand before uploading them. And for that, I needed a stylish notebook from Paper Tiger. So I went out and checked out the wee one on Lothian Road, but my friend Clare from Spanish, who works at Studio One, told me that the Paper Tiger on Stafford Street is even more magical, so I went  there. I popped into Studio One while I was there and oh dear lord how fabulous it was. Continue reading


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