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Episode Seventeen – Third Time’s a Charm

[Once again, you’ll note that this was actually written a couple of months ago. Whoops].

Liberty International Airport, NJ. I’ve been on the road, so to speak, for 11 hours. Not too bad, compared with my last few trips over here! Dad not only paid for expensive Christmas flights to Ohio for me, he paid extra to get a two-flight journey instead of the usual three. What a treat! Every time I take that route from Edinburgh to Amsterdam, then back over the UK to get to America, my soul weeps a little. So it’s a huge relief and a huge time-saver, just going direct from Edinburgh to Newark and then on to Columbus. Not only this, but I made it out of the U.K. in the nick of time! As I was waiting to board my first flight, I glanced at the TV in the departure lounge which was scrolling through headline after headline of disruptions caused by snow. It hit northern Scotland last night and apparently some other parts of the UK today, and the next wave of weather warnings was rolling in just as my flight was taking off. I also checked the departures board – pretty much every flight after 10am was displaying either “Cancelled due to weather” or “Contact Airline”. Guess which message appeared next to the Amsterdam flight I would have taken if it weren’t for my dad being a hero? The former. Continue reading

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Episode Sixteen – Ancient History 101

[FYI, these first few paragraphs were written quite some time ago, between my visits in October and December, as you’ll be able to tell from the confusing discrepancies in dates etc. I know – I was not made to be a blogger].

So I’m embarking upon my final journey home before Christmas, to wish my family season’s greetings and to relax a little before my exam on Tuesday. It’s been a long time since I’ve been home, and I’m anticipating luxurious relaxation, silver spoon service and generally a pleasant change of scenery. At the moment, I’m in Palmyra Pizza with a cup of coffee and a clean plate (which used to house a £3.20 hummus falafel, but I made short work of that), and waiting for my bus. I missed the one I intended to get but I’m actually happy with how it turned out – I was hungry, in need of a cup of coffee, and I could’ve done with some time to work on my blog anyway. Continue reading


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