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Episode Fifteen – Exciting New Developments

Hello to you all and happy buildup-to-Christmas!

I just wanted to update you on a couple of things. Seeing as it’s insurmountable-essay-time again, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into anything that isn’t 19th-century Spanish literature – such as my Secret Mission and my blog. The Secret Mission is going well, you’ll be pleased to hear, but I’ve also re-jigged my whole WordPress, spent agonising hours searching for the perfect theme and the perfect header, and fiddled around with RSS feeds etc. I hope you like it! Continue reading


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Episode Fourteen – Return to Zanesvegas

My visit to Ohio this fall has been something of a blur, and as a result I do have some difficulty distinguishing between the days. “Well Megan,” – I hear you say – “If you’d just updated your blog as you went along instead of uploading twelve posts at once, it would’ve been exponentially easier”. Whatever. I know I had plenty of time on my hands – believe me, the piles of schoolwork, photos still on my camera, untouched Secret Mission and creaseless Spanish novels in my carry-on baggage are quite enough testimony to that – but I couldn’t really help but see this trip as something of a holiday. I couldn’t even really tell you what I did all day – at least, on the days when I stayed home. If I had to make a guess, I’d say my daily activity distribution would look something like this: Continue reading


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