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Episode Eleven – Break for Contemplation

I thought I’d take a break from my life commentary and put something slightly more subjective on here. As you know, I’m currently sitting at my mum’s house in the Borders – I couldn’t work the thermostat so have retreated to within the depths of my duvet for the time being. I also happen to be listening to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. I just remembered a day when Grant and I were walking to my flat, a couple of days before he was due to leave. I believe I was crying. A bunch of drunk (or maybe just obnoxious) students were singing “Three Little Birds” loudly from a window, and the guy walking in front of me in the street started singing along as he wandered away ahead of us. Of course, in a situation like this there was nothing I could do but begin to softly join in, and as you’d expect from the old Marley, I began to feel quite a bit better. : ]

Anyway, that’s a side-note. The intended subject of this blog is technology.

Basically, my feelings on the subject are currently: wtf. Continue reading


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Episode Ten – Grant Returns to Scotland

I did intend on keeping up with my blog when I got back to Scotland – really, I did. I haven’t actually been that busy either, to be perfectly honest, so I don’t actually have an excuse – although that also means I haven’t had a huge amount to write about. My search for a job finally came to fruition when I got a call from Julian Graves, asking me in for an interview, which led to an on-the-spot job offer which I accepted. It’s ten hours a week, £5.80 an hour, and fairly easy-going; but the hours I’ve had to work, predictably, haven’t been great. I had to work my ten hours a week while Grant was visiting, and by giving up a shift I also gave up five hours of my holiday time without knowing I was doing it. It’s money in the bank, though, which is what matters… I guess. When I get my contract I’ll see how much holiday time I get, and then I can decide if it’s worth staying on. Continue reading

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