Episode One! – Orientation

Hi all.

And by “all”, I mean, “the world at large”. Which is pretty much restricted to whoever happens to be reading this, so really, I mean “no-one”. That’s a comforting thought.

Ok, so basically a number of seemingly unrelated factors have recently converged and conjoined to create an irresistible desire to start writing things and sending them off into the world. Not least of these is that I’ve pretty much always thought it’d be a cool thing to do. What’s always held me back is a “Where do I start?” attitude – so I’ll just start here and work from now. What else can anyone ever do?

My first year of university is over. My flatmates and I are calling it “The end of a y-era” – pretty much sums it up, really. The end of last semester was bad enough for people leaving, but this is a whole new shituation. I guess it’s just something I’ll have to get used to. Anyway, my point is, I guess the catalyst for my new blogging tendencies is the end of first year. I’ve suddenly got a terrifying amount of time on my hands, and although I’ve got more than enough stuff I should be doing, this just seems much more pleasant. I’m expecting to be updating with exciting details of my summer, which is set to be pretty epic in a lot of ways, and, in fact, it’s already been pretty good. That’s another story, I’ll save it for next time.

Basically, in five days, I’ll be jetsetting off to the States for the first time. It’ll also be my second time flying on my own – you’d think that’d be more reassuring than the first time, but unfortunately the first time I almost missed my flight, so I’m feeling more nervous this time around. I also have a lot of changeovers to do, and getting to the US is much more complicated than a intra-EU flight. Anyway, I’m spending three weeks with Grant and his family, and I’m sure I’ll be updating this thing with screeds and screeds of epic stories for you all. And by “all”, I mean “the world at large”. For now, though, I’ll leave you with the news that I am currently listening to Flogging Molly, an Irish folk punk band with a lot of attitude. Lend ’em your ears, if you get a chance – ‘Drunken Lullabies’ is probably the most famous, and one of my favourites.

Over and out.




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  1. HEY. Your visit WILL be epic. Can’t wait. Also, ‘the world at large’ thinks that you should make your blog more visually pleasing.


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